How To USB Mod GTA 5 For Xbox 360 (Money Mod)





          Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!          

       Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!



                      СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5  

                СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5 !!!


Как установить файл кэша к игре GTA5

  • Скачиваем файл
  • Скопировать папку кэша в SD/Android/obb/
  • Если у вас этой папки нет, то создайте ее
  • В итоге получится SD/Android/obb/папка_кэша/файл *obb
  • Запускаем приложение


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Hi guys, In this video I show you How To USB Mod GTA 5 (GTA V). This in-depth tutorial shows you how to USB mod GTA 5 (GTA V) and will enable you to have 2 Billion dollars as all 3 characters in the story mode.

Published: 26 September 2013.

Download Links:
Horizon Web Link:
Modded Save File Web Link:
Note: This mod can now be done straight from the application itself.

Up To Date System Specifications:

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  1. marcymarc3469:

    If ya wanna hear this guy sound very drunk then put the speed to 0.5 lol

  2. HaCked timezz:

    do u want to get a lottttt money on gta 5 online only xbox 360

    first like this comment

    second comment ur GT

    third wait one day and u should get over 20million 😜

  3. Amanda Moore:

    Did u just smoke crack slow the hell down!!!

  4. Lawrence Tomlinson:

    Horizon doesn’t work. It wont work online mode and it won’t recognize my usb drive.

    Thanks obama

  5. Nuckinfutz30:

    You lost me at the 3 min mark

  6. Summer Campbell:

    watch this with the subs on loool

  7. ToOnZ MoH:

    next time take your time while you talk. you’r faster than sonic.

  8. Brandon Eshoo:

    when it changed from the xbox 360 to the pc i thought my screen broke.

  9. Cameron Colclough:

    do you need a modded console for this method or not?

    • BTS & BLACKPINK Is Lifeu:

      WTF!!! is someone havking my account or something i just get notifications that somebody commented on a youtube vid that i commented but thats not me who is writing that. Wtf??

    • Adrian:

      Julienne Marguerite Beato guys don’t try this it’s not legit

    • BTS & BLACKPINK Is Lifeu:

      Hеу guуs.. i fоund а rеаl toоl tо gеnеrаtе unlimitеd mоnееееy and RР.I’vе triеd it аnd its reallу wоrk оoоn mу GТА V onlinе аccount!*Just visit gрlus аcсount if уоu wаnt tо get it tоооoооо:* Hоw Tо USB Mod GТА 5 Fоr Хbох 360 GТА V

  10. Tricky:

    Go to part 1:03 and listen to what he says

  11. Baljit Kular:

    has 464 comments text back to most people true youtuber

  12. Hyper Brite:

    need some money 360 gt Red Logics

  13. TheLegend274reals TheLegend274reals:

    it’s a lie the computer said exactly 2mill and he had all kinds of number s he had that money already

  14. NewGen:

    I downloaded Horizon and i downloaded the mod, the only thing is when i try to drag the original save into horizon it doesnt allow me to drag it in! Please help!

  15. Ethan baylis:

    Doses this still work

  16. Rxbiiin:

    How du I open the menue ?

  17. Cromo6008:

    it says the horizon is malware

  18. Yevgeny Astafyev:

    will we get banned

  19. austin lowry:

    If you download xb36 hazard you can do anything. Even mod any car into the game!

  20. Jacob Nesheiwat:

    would downloading horizon give me a virus

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