How to open a lock with a nut wrench

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Hi, there, my friends, in this video I am going to show you an unusual idea to force open a check-lock if you happened to lose your key.

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  1. MrGear:


    • Lisa Barnes:

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    • Kareti omkar:

      MrGear film festival of ok

    • timmyturner72507 Reynolds:

      MrGear music pls

  2. Synthax:

    2 nut wrenches*

  3. Joseph Almodovar:

    lets use the most expensive locks at the 99c store

  4. Radu:

    Next video please tell us how to break prison cells

  5. My Names Tommy:

    This should be an ad for the lock company’s competitors. «Don’t buy this shitty lock»

  6. Mahir Faysal:

    awesome mannnnnnnnnnn


    last night I tried it to your home Mr.Gear

  8. Brian J. Schmidt:

    Perhaps in the future, you’ll use a lock of some substance…

  9. Hobbit TM:


  10. Jason M. Azizi:

    what ! my shop robbed after this video…(:

  11. Blato:

    من طرف زد هكر لايك»?

  12. SKA SHAIK:

    Abey gaandu ye bata raha hai ke chori kaise ki zati hai

  13. Gamer Tm:

    1:03 mr gear face reveal has done

  14. Pampofski:

    *How to open a shitty plastic lock with a nut wrench

  15. Kuba PL:

    McGear to polak ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

  16. lol dsd:

    и в этот день все пойдут гаражи взламывать 😀

  17. Mr. Freeze:

    Что кулибин спалился

  18. Zeke Blomquist:

    What if my lock isn’t made out of play dough?

  19. Nagtilak Mahesh:

    What about steel locks? You can’t open by using this method.let me prove this..

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