How To Increase Torrent Download Speed By 10x! With: Cheat Engine 6.0

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In this video, i will be showing you how to download torrents way quicker than what it what regularly take you. Your speeds can increase from a DSL level, to a T3 level with one click mod in Cheat Engine 6.0. Thanks for watching, and please remember to thumbs this video up if it helped you. I will answer all comments below, so start em coming! Subscribe for future videos!

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Big shout to my bro Hertz:

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комментариев 37

  1. shaheer shahid:

    Thanks bro……its very helpful about 50 kbs → 700kbs

  2. akshay jagtap:

    your father should had used condom

  3. kirmani tec:

    This increase only numbers, not SPEED

  4. Anymion:

    from 100kbs to 9kb/s. awesome. now i can use this to download SLOWER when i have nothing to do for the rest of my life i will just slow down my downloads for 10 times so now i will have to wait much more. THANKS for making me wasting my time 10 times better

  5. Giuseppe Jan Jaguar:

    Nice troll though..

    For the people who think this is true, let me enlighten you…

    This actually increases the «Number» of your downloadin’ speed, however it’s not the same case with the realtime.. Your internet speed remains the same as the previous download speed, and once the download is done with the fake speed you will either notice the data you’ve just downloaded will not be completed or it will continue on downloadin’ the data that you’re downloadin’ until it finishes download.

    • HD Studio:

      +Giuseppe Jan Jaguar yes ur right !!!! itz fake just increasign of this number

    • Luka K:

      Well now i use cheat engine 6.7 the newest version and it fucking speeds up my steam downloads from 10 mb to fucking 100mbps but doesnt work on torrent idk why my speed is barley going up and on about 50 to 120 kbps idk why its so slow i even put the download speed on torrent to high

    • Luka K:

      Giuseppe Jan Jaguar and now it really works but only on steam so far idk about other things acsept on torrent that i said it doesnt work there

  6. Khaled Abdelaal:

    FAKE! «cheat engine» slows down the time for the software. meaning you don’t increase speed, you decrease time. for each 1 second in the torrent you have to wait 10 real seconds.
    sorry dude, it just doesnt work.

  7. Harshawardhan Upasani:

    only shows increase in the speed…but nothing really happens to the speed of downloadind……

  8. Farhath Uddin:


  9. Clinton mavuyangwa:

    mxm,doesn’t work,only goes down

  10. MrGaming679:

    thaaanks from 10 kb goes to 18 kb 

  11. Ajay Modi:

    i can’t speed my torrent speed…. can u help me

  12. claudio ciobotaru:

    Thank you so much still works in 2016 ! Dayum man .

  13. Honey Lama:

    dont watch this video its fake …waste of time.. -stars

  14. idriz dizi:

    1 download utorrent 2.2.1 because utorrent 2.2.1 work utorrent other not working men 

  15. Rohan Sakhare:

    this video is fake…

  16. Nova FX:

    300 kb/s and faster ?!?!?!? mine is 450 kb/s and it is very slow
    THis is a waste of time^^^^^^^

  17. Idris Mohammedi:

    It Dosent Increase It, It Just Changed The Values

  18. Aniket Upadhyay:

    Nothing happens!!
    No speed change found

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