How to find Oil Shale 7 Days to Die

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Here is a brief tutorial on how to find oil shale.
Desert biome — Go to rock layer — Go 3 or 4 blocks down once you find the rock layer — branch out. Once you find regular nodes such as iron/gravel, you will find oil shale.
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  1. Kaycee Doornbos:

    I honestly still can’t find any

    • Kaycee Doornbos:

      Grand Spartan Thanks?

    • Grand Spartan:

      Kaycee, make sure you are in the light colored desert area. There are two areas that have cactus growing. The darker area has no oil shale. The lighter area will be sandstone all the way to bedrock. That is where you want to be. You can one shot the sandstone with a shovel all the way to bedrock or until you find it. It is usually coupled with other resources as well. Good luck!

  2. OsamaBinLooney:

    I just went mining for a whole day now I got like 70,000 gas in storage on my single player world XD

  3. America:

    Watched your vid, went and got nearly 2k oil, went to go turn it into gas… haven’t gotten the perk for it >.<

  4. Storm Reaper600:

    Thanks alot

  5. Brandon Williams:

    this for ps4?

  6. Thunder:

    Just curious is there any way to tell if you have found it on the surface when looking at the mini map?

  7. Acro133:

    Thanks 😀 I had a big problem with it ;_:

  8. Gods Servant:

    Great thanks friend, I found tons within minutes.

  9. Andrew Colomy:

    This material is more difficult to get than it’s really worth imo. I would only ever use it to make my roads not look like trash.

    • Brendon Ehrenberg:

      Grand Spartan duplicate your gas then, look it up on here, you can even solo duolicate, I am rn, I have over a billion gas

    • Grand Spartan:

      On this most recent let’s play series, I have mined enough oil shale to make 100k+ gas. I have already gone through almost all of that just using the minibike and auger. It goes fast…

    • Relayzy1:

      that’s a couple bike rides that’s about it…

    • Andrew Colomy:

      +Genghis Khan yet another thing I haven’t gotten to that part in my save yet, but in a different save I have an auger. too bad that save got corrupted cause I put down about a trillion spikes all over the place and lined them along a riverbed and everything. I was doing a navel navezgane map and I fortified the working stiff crates to make into my own fortress. I love it because of its location: immediately available water, a town and a hospital really close by, etc.

    • Gods Servant:

      only 10? Have you ever used an auger?

  10. SquidySaurus:

    Hey man ur content is pretty neat. inspires me to keep at it for my own channel.

  11. sessy33:

    hey thanks for this!!!
    Quick question, why dont you use the auger to mine for it? Doesnt it work just like a pick? Or will you not get as much shale?

    • Brendon Ehrenberg:

      sessy33 duplicte your gas so you never run out, you can solo duplicate, I’ve had this game about two weeks, and always thought I would never have enough gas. now I have over a billion gas from duplicating, look it up, it’s not patched in doing it as we speak

    • sessy33:

      I went to desert and mined in 2 different spots, all I found was a lot of lead, and a few iron nodes.
      just got my auger but it eats up gas like crazy 🙁

    • Grand Spartan:

      Auger works just as well. If you have an auger, you will mine it much faster. I used a pickaxe just to record this video. The auger tends to be a bit noisy.

  12. Dan Christiansen:


  13. Ramon Rahner:

    thank you! 😉

  14. iAmStickyHamster:

    I wish I could get the oil shale to appear purple for me on my pc. Its still a bit hit-miss for me.

  15. Kowai:

    do a starter house pls

    • Ninja Nugget:

      ZOMBIE 1964 find a neighborhood NOT THE HUB CITY and go to the roof of one of the stores and break the bottom of the Ladder so zambs can’t get up. I prefer a pop n pills shop.

      Edit: to identify a city, look for sudden changes in elevation or roads kind of in a y shape. Go Down the road that would resemble the bottom of the y. If you find a city with tall buildings and dark skies go the other way and get as far as possible until you have a crossbow and a sledge hammer with at least 150 wellness. Make sure the level of you’re weapons are 300+ or you won’t do that much damage. Avoid the middle of the map (0,0 coordinates), this is where hub cities spawn. There can be multiple hub cities, so beware. Eventually you should go to the hub once you’re prepared. Find a nice little neighborhood to get started, not many zombies spawn there and there is plenty of loot. Make sure you don’t confuse neighborhoods with pit stops, they only have around 4-5 buildings and are terrible for living in. Regular neighborhoods should have 30-50 buildings, 5-10 of which are stores, diners, or gas stations. The best stores are crackabooks and working stiffs tools, so don’t make your base on those or the loot won’t respawn. Crackabooks give you schematics to make useful things like crossbows and guns, while working stiffs tools gives you calipers, tool and dye sets, and many other useful things that help you progress. Pop n pills and shamway foods are the least most important stores. Pop n pills give you meds, but you can get those from airdrops. Shamway foods is slightly more important than pop n pills, and gives you food. But you should get food primarily from animals. Make your base on pop n pills if you find one. If you find a city in a wasteland or desert, with no forests around, find a new one. It’s really hard to find resources there. If you can’t find another one, make your base in a forest using wood blocks and such. You can still go to the city to loot, however. When you finish looting, keep looking for a city that is at least in a forest biome or plains biomes because they have trees and above surface ores like nitrate, coal, and small rocks that give tons of stone and iron. If anyone would like to correct me on any of these claims, let me know and I’ll change/delete them.

  16. Samuel:

    What is OIL SHALEE

  17. Richard Sharples:

    Thankyou so much for that. Is one of those things that have kept eluding me. (Subscribed)

  18. MarekMoowi:

    You are reading in my mind, i was just wondering how to find oil shale 😀

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