How To Download & Play Wii Backups! 2018! USB/DVD/HDD Tutorial!

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Hi guys, Tech James here,

This tutorial will show you how to download Wii games, install them onto a USB/HDD or DVD and then play them on your Wii using USB Loader! Please complete all the tutorials in the “Jailbreaking The Nintendo Wii Complete Process” Playlist!

(This video is for educational purposes only)


➤ (Wii Backup Manager):

➤ (Wii ISO’s):

➤ (Best USB For Wii Games):


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комментарий 71

  1. ThatMyDude IG:

    4:24 how did you pull up that screen

  2. ThatMyDude IG:

    Help me kik AlmostOnDex

  3. DrakeTheBestSingerYa:

    Hey can you help the game won’t appear when I use the usb loader

  4. Junior Pooch:

    that easy?!

  5. Bjørn Eirik Torset:

    If you’re having problems getting this to work, try formatting the usb stick in wbfs format with Wii Backup Manager (be careful not to format the wrong drive and accidentally wipe your harddrive). Forget FAT32 and wbfs folder on the usb stick like the video suggests. Just format your USB device to WBFS with the format function within Wii Backup Manager (default sector size). After you’ve done this, transfer the game to the stick like instructed in the video.

    This was the only way that worked for me. For whatever reason my usb stick would not work in FAT32 format (and wbfs folder on the stick). I could not get past the «initializing usb» screen on USB GX Loader.

    • The true gamer 73:

      The game doesnt work

    • Chf Sgg 20:

      still my game doesnt work whenever i use the usbloader gx 🙁 . i’ll use wiiflow for now haahahaha thanks bro

    • spider- man:

      cool! glad you got it to work!!

    • Chf Sgg 20:

      spider man i recently installed a wiiflow channel and my game works! also my usb stick loads but i cant see my game when i use usb loader gx instead i play my games in wiifloow channel!!

    • Chf Sgg 20:

      i already did the two method but same result my game contains a folder that is 4+gb and a i dont know what is the problem but this porblem shows up after i install the d2x cios. before i install the d2x the usb loads but i cant play the game it goes black screen but after installing d2x cios i cant get pass the initialize usb thing

      help me guysss plsss T_T

  6. Harpreet 1975 Bedi:

    man this channel is gonna be super popular one day

  7. avoca dude:

    simple clean nice video my friend!

  8. Amogh Garudadwajan:

    Hey James, I’ve been successful with your tutorials up until here… Please help! I’ve tried restarting, but it always gets stuck/hangs on the initialize usb device screen! I waited a REALLY long time and it was still stuck. 🙁 Any ideas?

    • Sam Zheng:

      Try a simple unplug/plug back in? Make sure your wii is off the. Unplug plug back in and turn it on maybe? Also make sure you are using the USB port closest to the edge

  9. Bekes András:

    thx. this the first are working.

  10. Ben_c:

    Are you able to play region locked games?

  11. FinalFantasyGameplayGermany:

    Does that work on Wii U too?

  12. VickEy10 GT:

    thx for tut finally now i can play Sonic Colours!!! YAY

  13. Insane Everything:

    When I load the game it goes to a black screen and then I have to restart the wii how do I fix this please help

    • COPING12:

      Everytime & I upload this Nintendo Wii «backup & manager», create´s & folder «wbfs/ C:», on HP with 1000GB HDD, capacity in computer & notebook to laptop, USB of contain´s & some to what 27 in games in ISO´s & recently downloadable´s to «USB:/wbfs», it´s never on give´s a list of game´s & is this my ISO´s is pre to comatible´s on a platform & never do I highlite´s a game´s in Wii & backup to manager´s & what´s so wrong & have´s «CFG & USB loader´s & USB to loader in GX on Homebrew & manager´s to channel», as you can seen I got em all & what´s all this on assuming little´s to beast & as for at a «Vacation at Starbuck´s», it´s like´s «Too & much», as for my ear´s & mouth, please…?!!

    • Vince Candle aria:

      FecalMatter27 i have the same problem?

    • games technical:

      FecalMatter27 how

    • XxFaisalgamerxX:

      help me i have a problem, i find the game but it shows a black screen when i try to play it

    • Houston Arroyo:

      hey FecalMatter27 I got the game Metroid trilogy and it’s not showing up on USB Loader GX anything can help me

  14. Fiebre757:

    Every time I try to play my game, it goes back to home brew channel

  15. ClunkerSlim:

    Hey James, I’m having a weird problem. I can play any game fine. But after I quit the first game, the Wii black screens anytime I try to launch another game. I then have to let the Wii sit for like an hour and then I can play another game without it black screening. So one game fine then black screen. Any idea what’s wrong?

  16. Basic Name:

    does this work for the wii mode on the wii u

  17. Random Guy:

    hey im having a problem with the website called (Wii ISO’s) website…what going on is that it dosent let me download the ¨games¨ cause it says that i dont have permission to use it…what should i do ._.

  18. Noah Massion:

    Hey, i wanted to download Mario Kart Wii but i cannot find it in the Wii Download Manager. Whats the Problem? ?

  19. SnazzyTheName:

    Ayy this was made on my birthday

  20. poktendo:

    Is this video fake?????

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