How To Download GTA LCS Cheat Device (Flying Bike & More!)

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Flying Bike 4:51
Yo , so this is my second video duh . . .
Come on , just suscribe . . .Do you all know that I'm the first person who uploaded the cheat device for 5.50 on Youtube . . .

So , here's the download link
NOTE : Download the cheat device according to your CFW version.(Do not MIX !!)

Download link:

For OE and 1.0 — 3.50:

For 3.71 — 4.01

For 5.00 — 5.50(All Gen)

The note for VSH and GAME (.txt)

Note for 3.71 — 4.01

Q : Why is my cheat device keep blinking on 5.50 Gen?
A : The cheat device for 5.50 Gen is still new (Beta) ,so just wait for the update . . .
Just keep using it better than nothing .

Q : Why my cheat device doesn't pop up when the game is started?
A : Just easily hold down the L button + the up button , and it should appear .

Any question ? Just leave the comment and i will able to help you up .
If this tuturiol helped , just suscribe to my channel or add as favourite& rate…

Enjoy ! !

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комментариев 28

  1. YurikZ X:

    I miss 2000’s :'(

  2. techno veer:

    i have 6.61 cfw

  3. Barrage 10:

    for flying , you need to do a Wheeling

  4. jorge vidal:

    mi moto por que no volaaaaaaaaa ami no mesirve hover car
    que hago

  5. K-BYTE:

    look man, i have this pro update thing and i know that i cannot access the recovery settings because of that, but before i installed the pro update thing, i installed a cheat for tekken 6, so my point here is that can you install the cheat device with the pro update? is there still a way to install it? please help me cuz i will give you a shout out, plus if you make a vid about, i will like it and share it to my psp group, even let them subscribe you and like your vids, thnx.

  6. Raihan Gaming:

    how to fix my cheat device cannot on/off and cant spawn vichsel help me pls

    p/s sorry for grammar

  7. TheRedPlays:

    What is the song on the video, when the cheat device started?

  8. itzKitHere:

    the link is down bro

  9. EvangELIOn:

    I have this installed on my ps vita but the hover car cheat and rocket boost cheat do not want to work, does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    • EvangELIOn:

      Nevermind, I found out that they don’t work because I have a patched version of the game, does anyone know where to download an unpatched version of it?

  10. Zest Reki:

    hey when i swamp any bike and try to ride my psp hangs and reboots

  11. Rafaellooo ooo:

    does it work on 6.60 ME 1.8?

  12. Rudolph Angel:

    I love your song dude

  13. Rudolph Angel:

    dang dude thanks this worked on my psp now I fly spawn helicopters and more thank you

  14. Ţhĕ Ĝąmêr Črèëpèr 167:


  15. RamenNoodleSoup:

    I downloaded it and got all setup on but when I tried to spawn a bike (including pcj-600) it turns out to be a bike with mini wheels and I can’t ride them too, plz reply fast

    • genzaiku barrios:

      when u ride bike will get freeze

    • RamenNoodleSoup:

      I got my cheat device and it’s ok now but it’s the same problem as you when I spawns a bike it happens to be a small tire and I can’t ride it and Toni is just walking around it.

    • La Gamba de Auron:

      Somehow,the Cheat Device cannot spawn any bike,it doesn’t matter the version of the PSP or the Custom Firmware that is installed on it. I have LCS and VCS Cheat Device on 6.60 Pro,and I have the same problem.

  16. jack pro:

    don’t know

  17. christian martillan:

    epic fail to higher jump hehehe xD

  18. myjuano64:

    the name song?

  19. EvangELIOn:

    Is there any way to be able to use the cheat device on ppsspp for the pc?

  20. Dave Lewis:

    pls tell me how to let the hover cars work

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