How To Download And Install Gta V For Android [ApK+OBB]

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download gta 5 and install it for your android device full for free and 100% working without root android …

Download link :

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комментариев 65

  1. xXPhantomRekt Xx:

    this is a fake


    flag the video its a fake gta 5 is not even out on any android or ios

  3. GamerChickenJMF:

    how the hell can I play gta 5 if gta 5 is bigger than all my memory in my phone

  4. ফারজানা ফারজু:

    It’s gta V mod for Sa

  5. Rahul Rajeev:

    GTA 5 for android is fake u tube videos are fooling we

  6. KnightOfGembel GT:

    and this is Grand Theft Auto [San Andreas] its a FAKE

  7. WizardPlays:

    lol I can play GTA V on my android phone

  8. Rifki Kun:

    gta 5 in android ? bullshit!


    This is a scam you have to use moonlight shining app and a pc

  10. Learn To Drive:

    OMG ???guys omg the LIKE?button works and the SUBSCRIBE button works but he did’nt deserve it so DISLIKE for you

  11. Crni Sin:

    fejk video jebem ti mamu

  12. Shivansh Khera:

    how to change weapons in GTA 5 Android

  13. Hanson 32Ö:

    wow nice lie , Grand Thef Fake 5

  14. Tro ller:

    hey guys lets report this video

  15. ZeThoR Plays:

    this is GTA SA

  16. شرح المواقع الربحية:

    fuuuuck you

  17. Charles Abraham:

    how is that gta 5 when it loads it’s gta 5 next minute it goes into gta san adreas dum

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