How to Download And Install GTA IV on PC (Download Link + Gameplay)


ЗАБИРАЕМ GTA4 на Компьютер !!!

Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: Action (Shooter), Racing, 3D, 3rd Person
Разработчик: Rockstar North, Rockstar Toronto
Издатель: Rockstar Games
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Repack
Язык интерфейса: Русский, английский, MULTi
Язык озвучки: Русский
Лекарство: Вшито {PROPHET}

Системные требования:
ОС: Windows ХР, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-64-bit)
Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo с тактовой частотой 1,8 ГГц, AMD
Оперативная память: 1,5 ГБ для XP / 1,5 ГБ для Vista
Видеокарта: с 256 МБ видеопамяти, Nvidia 7900 / ATI X1900
Версия DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Жесткий диск: 16 ГБ свободного места


                 Забрать GTA4 для ПК ТУТ !!!


Torrent Download Link for GTA IV(7.52 GB):

GTA IV Gameplay:

—-Download WWE 2K16 Here—

If you have any problem while downloading comment below I will try my best to help you.
I recorded this gameplay video on a very shitty old laptop with Intel HD Graphics so ignore the lag in the game.
Specs of that crappy lappy:
Pentium Dual Core B940 2.00 GHz
Intel HD Graphics
RAM 2.00 GB
HDD 500 GB

Update 29th September 2016:
I have upgraded my PC and got a better Graphic Card i.e Radeon HD 7750
For more games visit:

So guys in this video I will show that how can you download and install Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) on your PC , if you want to see that How can you download Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) on your PC then watch this video:

Watch Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Part #1 (Mission 1) here:



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комментариев 38

  1. Gaurav Patil:

    Thank you brow. It is very useful

  2. Shahique Ahmed:

    I download and install but m not able to launch tha game
    It getting start by change screen size but suddenly to close
    And not showing any animation relayed to gta 4
    It just show my desktop screen by small size and den close
    I have windows 10 64 bit
    4gb ram 1 TB HD
    No graphic card
    Please help

  3. Shayan Ali:

    For all the people asking that whether they can run GTA IV or not , well these are the minimum requirements for GTA IV:
    Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz
    GeForce 7900 GS
    1 GB RAM
    16 GB HDD Space

  4. M_ii_chael _:

    My specs are: Intel (r) core (TM) i3 2100 CPU 3.10ghz
    8GB Ram
    250GB HDD

  5. Ayan Majid:

    Bro will it work on win 7 64bit
    4gb ram

  6. the rydre:

    bro i got a problem
    its showing
    Not Found ( aka 404 )

  7. [3D] ScrownPlayz:

    DoEs iT wOrK on mY specs:

    Rtx 2060
    I7 8750H
    16gb ddr4
    Win 10

    No but really, does this download work 100%?

  8. Pićuka GamePlays:

    Work in
    AMD Athlon(tm)X4 740 Quad Core Processor
    64-BIt ?

  9. To DeSkyLol123:

    i think i gonna download it but..
    *LEGEND SAY: if you download GTA IV for free your screen will not stop shaking in game*

  10. prahalad adharsh:

    thanks shayan for gta 4

  11. ALB 4 Life:

    Does it work for laptop
    3 GB ram
    1.50 ghz
    Win 7?

  12. Anthony Simon:

    It worked
    Thanks so much

  13. Stodal:

    the pirate bay link is gone 🙁

  14. Shayan Ali:

    Guys if you are having problems during the installation of GTA 4 I will make a video regarding all problems and I will give their solutions as well.

  15. vine for games:

    thx Shayan Ali for ur imformation about it i will download the game and see

  16. JITHIN MG:

    will it work on
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz
    4.0 GB Ram
    Radeon (TM) HD 8670M


    can you install mods and lcpdfr

  18. Surekha Kadam:

    Will it work In
    8gb ram
    1696dedicated graphics card

  19. DS_TejaS:

    It will run on my pc? my specs are Window 7 64 bit 10GB ram 2GB Graphic Card

  20. 92j gamer:

    hay friends this video is tru link is safe 1000000000% guys
    my leptop
    4gb ram
    intell 4000
    fully work
    just download and install
    butt installing time 2.30 or 2.50 houres butt its work

    thanks shayan

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