How to Download and Install Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc — free full game

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Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc [DOWNLOAD LINKS]
● Download here!: ●
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc gameplay
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc video game
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc on pc
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc tutorial
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc download

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комментариев 55

  1. RansomForRoses:

    Thanks so much! Now I can watch my favorite characters die, over and over and over….

    now I cry

  2. Lanny:

    ¿Darmelow? xD <3

  3. Zeis:

    Oh yea tottaly not a virus «Turn off your antivirus before installing» Wink wink im not stupid.

  4. Saryana:

    When I press to launch, it gives me »Launcher has stopped working’, then kicks me out.

  5. heartfiliamvs:

    can someone please help me?
    When I click launch, it comes up with «DR1_us has stopped responding»
    How do I stop it?

  6. Anas Khan:

    Thank God for sending u on Earth
    It’s brilliant it works
    You earned another sub

  7. N0stalgia 96:

    Um, whenever I try to open it, its always say that I’m missing ‘d3dx9_43.dll’ . I have no idea pls help 🙁

  8. CJ Ngo:

    When I move up and down to choose options (on the main screen) the choices spazz out. Like the word «start game» overlaps with «load game» for a split second. This too, happens when dialogue is loading.

  9. EmilF:

    When I press launch then nothing happens

  10. Mary Kriztine Tumalad:

    I got a question!! How much mb. does Dangronpa have cos’ my Computer isn’t showing how much there is and i’m confused on How long will it take to download on my Computer

    • Maxi Wéllq IV:

      you’re welcome 😉 +Mary Kriztine Tumalad

    • Mary Kriztine Tumalad:

      Actually I used the Second link on the First one and Wala!!I’m Playing Danganronpa and it Also showed how long it took!! But still thanks for answering!!


    • Maxi Wéllq IV:

      +Mary Kriztine Tumalad . Google Drive is that, no problem at all, when’s enough space to download the file, will be successful.

  11. All Might:

    hye can i play on windows 10 ?

  12. FirewallBreacher:

    help! whenever i open launcher or DR1_us i get this error in a box: «The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application»

    • Danganronpa Trash:

      Heey so i’m downloading this for a friend because he has no internet and stuff and so i can give it to him with a usb key, and i’ve run into the same error. I’ve analyzed it a bit and the cause is an «access denied» error in the Steam_apir.dll file, which is pretty odd, since it has all authorisations checked, and that’s usually the cause of this kind of error. Now, this is probably a my system error, but what’s strange is that SDR2,Ultra Despair Girls and V3 worked pretty good even without the necessity to upgrade my graphic driver and/or installing directx and vcredist.Oh, and yes i downloaded the stuff in the folders this time, to see if this solved the error, but no luck.
      Btw if you don’t feel like answering just don’t do it because it’s just a personal curiosity i have about this matter.

    • Maxi Wéllq IV:

      Try the following:
      1. Install DirectX (1:55)
      2. Install vcredist (2:09)
      3. Update driver of (Graphics Cards) to latest version
      3. Turn off your antivirus
      4. Run game again.

  13. Asoomie:

    Works perfectly, Thanks so much!

  14. Nathan Depauw:

    Never got the launcher to work but was able to get the game to work so thanks <3

  15. Chiaki Nanami:

    in the future can you get Danganronpa Killing harmony?

  16. Tubie Boy:

    1. Does this actually works?
    2. Is there any risky thing in the downloads?
    3. Does it works on windows 10?

  17. :3 :3:

    Me dice que DR1_us.exe dejó de funcionar.

  18. Ela Novak:

    how long does it take to install?Its been 2 hours and it just keeps going up in MB and GB

  19. AnjaWho?:

    Thank you so much!! I wanted to play Danganronpa for a long time!
    You earned a like and a sub!

  20. Maxi Wéllq IV:

    Tutorial for how to download and install «Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony» is out now!

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