How To Download 7 Days To Die Alpha 16.1 for FREE on PC

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комментариев 28

  1. joesef elgazar:

    Where can i download just the update?

  2. Mario Mihailov:

    help! when I launh the game it just says loading game data and it loads for ever

  3. reflex azize:

    thx i download now

  4. Tech Help:

    Is there an automatic update file., so I don’t need to download the whole game every new update:?

  5. Foxy games:

    Does this actually work and not a virus?

  6. Hock Hack:

    bro i dawnlod the game but its supar lage i have 64 bit 2g ram can you tell me about good survavil game for that verson

  7. 3ko0ole g4meriq:

    thank you thegame is open and iplayed

  8. phuc tai:

    You play multiplayer coop mode how can you guide the clip for yourself

  9. xBear:

    Can someone please tell me why it crashes instantly? I tried multiple versions of the game, even tried 32 bit instead of 64 and still crashes.. I would really love to play this game.

  10. AfghanNoodles:

    can u do one for Mac please?

  11. Michal Bělíček:

    It would be nice if it would work on 32-bit windows …

  12. reflex azize:

    thx bro for thsi tutriol

  13. ARO:

    does it work on 32 bit computer greetings

  14. phuc tai:

    You play multiplayer coop mode how can you guide the clip for yourself

  15. Joseph martin:

    thank u sir for the game

  16. TH3 czarcipomiot:

    link działa. nie wiem czy gra też bo się dopiero ściąga. dzięki za upload z 🙂 u have one more like.

  17. thegamerfc gr:

    can you tell me games that i can play with 2 gb ram

  18. Galch Playz:

    is there an 32 bit alpha 16?

  19. Psn. XxasrarxX:

    can you uplaod a video on aplha 16.1
    this video is for alpha 16

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