How to add New Cheat codes to CWCheat Tutorial *Download Included*

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Well people have had trouble adding cheats to CWCheat. im going to fix that. i spent a couple minutes talking to a microphone for you guys to help you with this problem

this video will DESCRIBE EXACTLY what to do and how to add a cheat code to CWCHEAT!

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Download Link For CWCheat

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  1. Enver's Piano Collections:

    horrible music

  2. Luis Rivas:

    The download link for the CWCheats doesn’t work!

    Does anyone have it?

  3. Ice Magallanes:

    Link’s broken bro

  4. areyou kiddingme:

    possible to use variables? I.E like modifiers, ability mods with multiple choices?

  5. True Alpha:

    Page does not exist

  6. Sajid Sufrat:

    when i added new cheats n then i tried to save it but it says that this file is set to read only tell me how can i save it

  7. Sajid Sufrat:

    i liked the video but try using a low volume music so tht we could concentrate on the video (not on the music).thnx it realy helped.

  8. Samuel Christian:

    is there cheats for gran turismo 2?

  9. Meeco:

    uhh yeah dude i got a question.
    i’m playing monster hunter portable 3rd and i was gonna try to use cheats. i got everything right but when i press select and try to select the cheats, none of them appear. i also noticed that only the serial code of the game appears but theres no game name. i’m thinking thats the problem but what do i do about it to make them appear? can you reply asap? thanks

  10. Demolinizer5:

    best way to edit them is rename cheat.db to cheat.txt and copy paste the codes you want if its us like ulus 10542 change it to something like ules 01347

  11. qbee A:

    link again pls

  12. Garett Ramolete:

    how to make them work?

  13. Yuu Tanaka:

    Really helped me.

  14. LJ Kyle Ramillano:

    Press CONTROL + WHAT?

  15. Zach's Playlists:

    Control + what?

  16. Uriel:

    links don’t work

  17. RaY 7:

    Thanks a lot man. Now i can have fun with my cheated games. Ha Ha xD

  18. Veprim Mehmeti:

    Thanks man

  19. Gatto Kosmico:

    «Page Not Found»

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