Halcyon — Dreaming Away | Cheat Code (Free Download)

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If you were dreaming for a new free song…your dreams have come true! Great track, Halcyon!

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Halcyon — Dreaming Away
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комментариев 46


    Yes ANOTHER CHEAT CODE SONG keep it up I love this series just started watching the Begining I can tell this is gonna be good!!!

  2. Noler Robert:

    Have y’all ever noticed there’s a dood sitting inside the robot and controlling it? You can see his face behind the word «Away» in «Dreaming Away»

  3. bbbbende:

    All your license belongs to me

  4. Kratos:

    I love how the robot has a blanket over his crotch xD

  5. Paul Allen:

    Likes at 520. Looks like I missed my chance to blaze it 🙁

  6. spyrox lucifer:

    i think this art for cheat code is a metaphor. the bot is ninty9 lives and its pilot/rider is us, the fans. the destroyed robots are ninty9 lives rivals. showing that without us ninty9 liver would be nothing.

  7. Michelle Rodriguez:

    This song is making me dream away
    Halcyon great song

  8. TheTopHatGuy Android:

    Ive been waiting for this so long m8

  9. Princess RoyalChan:


  10. Xorganth Xorganth:

    Good stuff as always. Love what’s happening here. Thank You! G F’n G

  11. Raiko - 8bp:

    you guys are awesome!

  12. Xder Rodecki:

    warning were under attack again savage bot cheat does not care about any one

  13. Lost Jack:

    Dreamin away!!!!!!!

  14. Spicywalnut25:

    Great job everyone! Keep up the great music!~Luv u all your music

  15. Jackson Hawkins:

    Best song on cheat code for sure!

  16. Distorted Vortex:

    so i found out that when they announce the cheat code apparently you can get the cheat code 6 hours early by changing the 2nd number to a 4, 5, 6, 7 etc

  17. PwnFace:

    That 2nd drop tho.

  18. FormulaBison750:

    Awesome song!!!!!!!!!!???

  19. Omar Plays:


  20. Ana Smith:

    Awesome as always!

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