GUNS BLAZING — Warface Gameplay

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Thanks to Warface for sponsoring this video!
Please click the link below to check out the game for yourself!

"These godless commie savages have cut a swath through every last soldier on the front. I hoped that I would never have to do this, but… get me… The Funhaus Brigade!"
"Uh sir. They're all recovering in the infirmary from stabbing the hell out of each other on the helicopter ride over."

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комментарий 51

  1. Damien G:

    I hear Elyse but I don’t see Elyse hmm.

  2. Foxx6699:

    With textures straight out of 2007.

  3. J 52:

    TFW Crytek is sponsoring YouTube channels but they can’t even pay their own employees.

  4. Sari Not Sari:

    «I love funhaus! I wish there was a way for me to support them and allow them to make money on YouTube.»


    • imbuggin:

      No, but children = whiney adults that show little understanding about how the world works. Any idea how many people work at Funhaus? Any idea how much income they need to produce to provide a livable income for that number of people? I don’t like the sponsored content as much either, but I understand the need to make a living. Their sponsored content makes all of the other content possible. Anyone who pays bills as an adult should understand that.

    • Sari Not Sari:

      JamBear they’re not children, just whiney adults

  5. Just a Random Guy:

    Warface more like NoElyseFace amright?

  6. Audixas:

    «Oh look at this sponsored game, it’s so cool!»

    Never plays it again.

  7. PootyTangX69z:

    Why does James look like an evil twin version of himself!?

  8. TallFungus:

    please Bruce. be the father of my children that I neglect

  9. infergnome:

    «» aaaaaaaaaaand I’ll never play this game. is a horrible publisher. They buy great games and ruin them with micro-transactions. Just look at the games they publish. All of them are good games with bad reviews. So many games that I’ve loved have been taken over by them, and time and time again I’ve seen the slow and painful death of a game that was once great.

    • thehildabeast100:

      100% Armored Warfare could have been a great game and they forced Obsidian to make dumb developing choices to make more money and ruined the game killing its player base

  10. Kurt Bergh:

    l watched the whole video, it was great.

  11. Kyle Finlayson:

    I thought Crytek went out of business because they stopped paying their employees.

  12. Harry Robertson:

    did the editor forget about Elyse?

  13. TheCaptblacko:

    no webcam for ma gurl elyse D:

  14. Failer95:

    Why isn’t Crytek out of business yet?

    • JohnTanner214:

      Failer95 Far Cry and Crysis.

    • Zesty Smith:

      Because is making money for them because they turned every fucking lockbox into Kredit boxes,like the shitty russian version >:T

    • Pharoc:

      @Technicasualty CIG(Star Citizen devs) have done so much work to the base cryengine code that it’s a totally different engine at this point. Cryengine is now just the base and they’ll only improve on it more as time goes on. Same goes for the Lumberyard fork. CIG only paid for the base as it’s easier to modify an existing engine than create a new one.

    • barge in:

      Well, I think it is important because perpetual license fees (and the amount they are) are pretty crucial to figuring out if Crytek is going to be in the game for much longer. I always thought they literally did a one-and-done deal on 3.8. Something like $50 to $70 million doesn’t sound like the start of a expiring licensing agreement to me.

      Either way, Amazon has the money to throw at this whereas evidently Crytek burned through that ~60 million pretty quickly (ad evidenced through their payroll issues late last year), so I’m fully expecting Amazon to carry CryEngine to where it needs to be. It already gets fairly frequent graphical updates and they are spending money on fixing things like the expensive AA that CryEngine uses. These just don’t strike me as lining up with the idea that the core source is being relicensed periodically, though I expect there is some sort of expiry date on it (probably many decades).

      Amazon definitely timed their purchase well though as Crytek has not been doing well since after Crysis 2 and the emergence of more accessible and free engines or in-house engines that big publishers are now funding. I think they knew their days as a paid-for solution are numbered and that’s why they had to cash in on their biggest asset.

    • Technicasualty:

      AFAIK, you’re wrong, barge in, about Amazon’s licensing of CryEngine. To my knowledge, Lumberyard is still chained by its license from Crytek. When that license expires, Amazon will have to renew it or build the aspects of CryEngine out of Lumberyard. Who knows how long the license is for, but unless Amazon kicks out all of CryEngine’s code, Amazon wil have to renew that license at some point. And while Star Citizen now uses Lumberyard, it was previously using CryEngine, which means they were previously licensing Crytek’s engine. Ergo, Star Citizen still gave Crytek some money for the years of development before they switched. Ultimately, though, this is more of a semantic argument rather than substantive.

  15. Harry Osborn:

    7:55 why does the reloading animation have the user pull back the slider? Never seen that before

    • TroopperFoFo:

      Most likely the animator didn’t want to give every pistol the same animation and tried something different.

    • TheBlazFilip:

      It doesn’t really make sense in the situations they are doing it in, but I can explain what happens when you pull the slide back.

      If the gun shoots all it’s loaded rounds, the slide locks back due to springs to allow for easier (less strength) magazine insertion.

      The instance where it happened in the game is when the user shot all of the loaded rounds, but the slide didn’t lock itself back, which is reason A why it doesn’t make sense.

      Reason B why it doesn’t make sense is because you can still put a magazine in a gun without the slide being locked back, the only difference is that it’s a bit harder, meaning you need to put more force / effectively slam the magazine in, but in a high-stress situation like being in the field and getting shot at, you’d have more than enough strength to slam that mag in, rather than finessing around by pulling the slide back.

      Hope that answers your question / explains things.

      Edit: Also, really good eye, I didn’t notice that at all.

    • Mac McMillan:

      You’re right, if the pistol’s magazine was empty the slider would’ve already been pulled back. Or this is some kind of special high-tech pistol that gets rid of that.

  16. Coolkid:

    cowchop had a better warface video. not that anyone cares, but they did.

  17. kent rio:

    Where was Elyse’s warface?

  18. Evan Grey:

    They totally know this game is bad. But hey, we all gotta pay the bills

  19. chillininasweatshirt:

    Shout out to ballsacks for always hanging in there ?

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