GTA San Andreas — Top 20 Cheats

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комментария 54

  1. Alexander Andreasson:

    if you are interested,

    JUMPJET — gives you a hydra

  2. Supercereal47:

    the vids in english. so is the title and desc. wtf is this language in the comments

  3. Thomas Lê:

    there should be a cheat to finish the train mission

  4. DAZEN Music:

    love those golden days

  5. Oskar-FCB:

    si myslím že rockstaři si v san andreas s těmi cheaty vyhraly ze všech gta-ček asi nejvice

  6. Argoris CZ:

    This game is the best game on the world

  7. Aditya Patil:

    how to deactivate the shooting during driving cheat

  8. denis Puljić:

    Why is suicide good??

  9. Lord OF Bass:

    easy to remember
    allcarsgoboom — blow all cars
    Bubblecars — car fly after hit if it doesn’t work then its bubblescars
    Speeditup — for fast gameplay
    slowitdown — for slow game play
    Fullclip — ultimate ammo no realod
    if u want to repair your car then enter the car then type hesoyam

  10. Ansh Chugh:

    rocketman is also good

  11. Skely CZ:

    Zapomněl si na jetpack.(nevím,jestli to píšu správně),ale jetpack by měl být na prvním místě;)

  12. Neymar Da Silva Santos JR:

    This Code Is Not Match With Real One

  13. Juris Valainis:

    im so disapointed for 6. cheat. why they couldnt add it to the game already, you have to cheat!?

  14. dj12699:

    Some of the ones I liked include flying cars and cars float away when hit. I also almost always had the fast/rare cars spawn everywhere cheat on.

  15. minihalkoja:

    Agressive traffic, peds try to kill you, night, fog, asian theme (Or wtf was it), and flying cars = chaos and fun

  16. maniacal enemy1616:

    natural talent is a cheat code from which you will gain cycle,bike,cars and planes max level

  17. Prasanna Zade:

    Alternative easy to remember
    ChittyChittyBangBang-Cars Fly
    Bubble Cars-Cars Fly when Hit
    Everyone is Rich-Sports Car everywhere
    Full Clip- Unlimited Ammo
    Test Your Educational Skills-No Wanted Level
    Professionals Kit-Weapons Cheat
    Flying to Stunt-Stunt plane
    Jump Jet- Hydra
    Monster Smash- Monster Truck
    Oh Dude-Hunter
    Buff Me Up -Max Muscle
    Hello Ladies-Max Sex Appeal
    Worship Me — Max Respect
    Speed Freak- Nitro

  18. Alex Hadzima:

    aky cheat je na to terenne auto vo videu?

  19. Šedo:

    akože dobrý štýl videa, taketo niečo by si mohol natočiť aj na gta 5 😀

  20. Bishnu Sharma:

    type BRINGITON and see what happens.

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