GTA Online: Bikers Trailer

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GTA Online: Bikers opens up an entirely new part of the criminal underbelly of GTA Online, bringing proper Motorcycle Clubs to the roadways and ever-evolving illicit markets of Blaine County and Los Santos.

Form a Biker gang, establish a Clubhouse, start a reputable business, customize new rides including classic choppers, quad and sport bikes, battle rival Motorcycle Clubs and more.

Play now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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комментарий 91

  1. SUPERSTORM owen:

    please add a small update so you can have your own dog plzzzzzzzzz I want my dog to kill a level 1 noob

  2. Joe Monkee:

    Oh great! A motorcycle GTA game. Where you hit a mosquito and fall off your bike every 5 seconds

  3. Cameron Joseph:

    this update is actually one of their bests

  4. Dakota Wheat:

    game would be good if it wasn’t one giant loading screen and you constantly lag out of lobbies aswell.

  5. YogiiJaay:

    My weed farm just got raided. Im mad af. I thought they had to arrest you , not kill you , i was alone .

  6. Mahim Marufuzzaman:

    Its just a copy of t Gta lost and dammed, but it got a bit more features.

  7. Ricardo Mena:

    they should do san andreas again with the gta v graphics

  8. YouTubes Funniest Videos:

    Yeah!!! New update where we can play with 8 friends!!!! BUT I DON’T HAVE AND DAMN FRIEND PLAYING GTA5!!!!

  9. professor chaos:

    sons of anarchy

  10. Ahmad Sharaf:

    Im early let me make a joke
    What do you call a blue biker
    A blue biker.

  11. Elijah Negron:

    Police update plz

  12. FEF_toonz:

    Who got an Xbox one ????

  13. Hostile Threat:

    they should have done it where u work with Johnny because GTA online takes place a few months before the campaign so Johnny would still be alive

  14. Derizin:

    When your trying your best to revive your company

    • Freshdose:

      +EraY YT the argument is not even tht serious, its about an opinion on a game. u keep calling me a little kid but really dude u trying to have a debate on skype over a game. thts lame af. with that said have a good day.

  15. BeastUpp:

    People still play this game?? I go outside

  16. The Gimp:

    the ceo update but with bikes right?

  17. Owen Simpkins:

    Jesus stop making updates and just make gta vi

    • Mike B:

      Owen Simpkins I’m aware that I’m like super late to this comment but you are aware of how big rockstar is yeah? They could easily put a smaller team which I’m sure is what they have already done to work on the online for 5 and have another much larger team work on 6 it’s the benefit of being a multi billion dollar developer

    • Jeff Pearson:

      Like that’s gonna happen anytime soon. They might announce it in 2 years from now at the earliest. Won’t be released for three more years, again at the earliest.

    • Al Bundy:

      Owen Simpkins no noob

  18. Kurt Roundstone:

    Incoming Sons of Anarchy mock clubs

  19. I eat ass:

    Can we get more heists?

  20. BianchiiGaming:

    too bad i play this game alone 99 percent of the time. «starting a family» is out of the question.

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