► GTA 6 Graphics — Bugatti Chiron! 2018 ✪ M.V.G.A. — Gameplay! Realistic Graphics MOD 60FPS

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Grand Theft Auto V New Ultra Real Graphics Mod 2017 — Make Visuals Great Again + REDUX ReShade + REDUX 4k textures mod.


Graphics MOD — Make Visuals Great Again

Bugatti Chiron

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комментариев 45

  1. Chamara thusitha:

    this is gta 5 oky

  2. Руслан Гасанов:

    Very realistic and amazing graphics!


    Eso se gta 5 con un mods

  4. BuddahSammy:

    +GTA Workshop Yo, it’s been a while, but what are your PC specs?

  5. Veron Rhoden:

    dud i know you cant fool me on gta 6 this is gta 5 you just put mods in it car mods and car sounds and realistic driving and roads and realistic graphics mods and other stuf i have gta and i mod them too so you cant fool me but nice vid i like bro

  6. Cool Joe Little Kingdom:

    That’s not Gta 6 it’s Gta 5 picture mod

  7. Pusan Sen:

    Give me your PC

  8. Mohamed Ghanem:

    Nice gta 5 color correction

  9. Thana Gesan:

    I want that car in real life

  10. kleber campos souza:


  11. Thana Gesan:

    Wow chiron!!!

  12. Danflash Evolution:



    AWESOME MAN ???????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Renato Gamer:

    this is awesom!!!

  15. Cauinian Cj:


  16. Peter Veer:

    My GTA 6 list

    Flying birds,falling trees
    crashes to my car window
    so my window has broken
    i must pay the car-damage

    I want to call with my IPhoneX
    in the game and listen to radiomusic with my wireless Beats headphones

    I want watch the time
    on my Applewatch

    I want to hear the shouting of people from the blackbox in airplanes

    There must be a Most Wanted list
    for criminals

    I want to hear the shouting of people from the blackbox in airplanes

    I want to use the ps4 microphone
    to talk with the police and the police
    talks back

    More boobs & asses

    Driver must yelling louder by a
    car-accident or when he is injured

    woman must shout louder
    when she will beat by criminals

    When i ride on the highway
    a drunk man on his bike
    crosses the highway

    I want motorclubs in GTA
    Bandidos, Hells Angels,
    No Surrender, Red Devils,
    Traylor Trash, Animals MC,
    Black Sheep MC, Demons MC,
    Gringos MC, Rebel Crews MC

    I want more cruises at sea
    Aida Nova, Carnaval Horizon,
    Celebrity Edge, MSC Seaview,
    Symphony of the seas,
    Holland America Line

    More trucks on highway
    from DHL, Ziggo,
    Vodafone, T-Mobile,
    Body&Fit, I-Herb, Vitacost,
    Jumbo, Lays

    I want to see techcompanies
    like Apple/Google/Microsoft/

    I want to see villa’s
    from famous artists
    The Kardashians,Beyonce,
    Rihanna,Lady Gaga,Kate Perry

    Add cars:

    Lamborghini Centenario
    Appollo Intenza Emozione
    Lancia Thema
    Honda Civic Hatchback
    Acura NSX GT3
    Lexus LS 500
    Chevrolet Tahoe
    Lotus Evora Sport
    Subaru Outback,
    Genesis G80 sport
    Peugeot L500 R
    Peugeot Raven
    BMW M9
    Audi A8
    Hyundai Azera
    Hyundai Tucson
    Jaguar XJR15
    Mercedes AMG project 1
    Lamborghini Huracan Performante
    Italdesgin Zerouno
    BMW Z4
    Mercedes Maybach Vision 6
    MClaren 720S

    Add motors:

    Lazareth LM 847
    Honda NRX 1800
    Icon Sheene 1400 CC
    MTT Turbine superbike
    Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Haya
    Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia
    Ducati Panigale V4
    Lightning LS218
    Ecosse Titanium series FE TI XX
    Yamaha Roadstar BMS
    Dodge Tomahawk V10 superbike
    Ecosse ES1 superbike
    BMW Motorad Visionnext 100
    Honda V4
    BMW K1600 GT
    Honda CBR 250RR
    Kawasaki Z1000
    Kawasaki Z900RS
    Kawasaki J
    Suzuki GSX S1000
    Energica Ego
    Johammer J1
    Zero SR

    Add airplanes:

    Boeing F22 Raptor
    Eurofighter Typhoon
    Sukhoi SU35
    MCDonnel Douglas F15
    Micoyan MIG31
    Chengdu J20
    Boeing C17
    Boeing B747
    USAF C17
    Tupolev M154
    Thunderbird F16
    Bombardier CL605 Challenger-privéjet

    Add European highways

    Add Flying cars,zappelins,drones,
    UFO objects in the sky

    Shoot with gun from building/hotel/heli/airplane

    More electric cars, More airbags

    animals have sex with each other

    More floods, tsunamis and hailstorms

    Naval destroyer, a nuclear submarine, skateboard, roller skates
    driving the train and metro rail

    Entering Restaurants and other buildings

    More jobs for earning money

    • godofkings17:

      90% of these things rockstar just can’t do because imagine you own a company and you sell a bit of your licensing so that a video game about criminals can display this on the game. Like for example imagine Toyota giving licensing to rock star to make a truck just so that it can be fitted with a .50 cal machine gun and used to commit practically mass murder in free mode. Promoters and stock owners won’t really like this image of Toyota and so they will stop supporting and Toyota will be left in shambles. It just can’t be sorry man but its business

    • Ross Williamson:

      Peter Veer love it

    • ilias jáafar:

      haha lol wow how long did it take to write all this stuff ??? :3

    • Sorken:

      sorry but i dont think rockstar could obtain licences for all of those brands

  17. Serkan Oğuz Çakar:

    nobody can’t drive a chiron like that

  18. Jesse Schuringa:


  19. Haheim24 The joker:

    ?❤️ ‏يا رب تنزل 2018

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