Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!          

       Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!



                      СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5  

                СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5 !!!


Как установить файл кэша к игре GTA5

  • Скачиваем файл
  • Скопировать папку кэша в SD/Android/obb/
  • Если у вас этой папки нет, то создайте ее
  • В итоге получится SD/Android/obb/папка_кэша/файл *obb
  • Запускаем приложение


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  1. christian wetzel:

    why do you have so many elliges

  2. alexbluebear3:

    Half of you videos is just talking about how you should subscribe an like your videos and self advertising…

  3. Lewis Scotney:

    giving me a tutorial on how to sub you…. Thanks m9.

  4. Tiny Tuber Vids:

    i got over 20 million dollars from a modder on numerous occasions and i never got banned

  5. Cheesy Lord:

    I Just Wanted Money..

  6. Joshua Lopez:

    wait so what is the command

  7. InsanelyDun:

    *goes and robs a store*

  8. BluRitzyGAMES:

    Bro why TF you have 7 or 8 elegys?? are you broke? xD

  9. ZeroZ Gaming:

    0:45 «looking at the stars» Sure lol the stars

  10. Lloydvlogstv:

    Cool first comment

  11. Rene:

    Just yesterday i got 2000000 $from a modder while i was playing with my friend?

  12. Marvin Lemus:

    Lmao that introduction was so lame XD

  13. Fluff Life:

    first minute and a half of the video is nothing but self promotion

  14. Ricky Sidhu:

    If it’s so good why hasn’t he used it yet????

  15. Marcy2200:

    I need money bad

  16. YouTube Notifications:

    who is watching in 2017?

  17. Egzec (ClassicNFS):

    How the hell did he get back on YouTube…?

  18. Unicorn Bros.:

    I remember subbing 2 u when u had 221 subs look at u now

  19. Nour Phlilips:

    ay guys wassup !

    who need money comment your gamertag below money and rank

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