Graveyard BBQ — Cheat on The Church (Song+Lyrics+Download)

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Well it's about time I actually upload this song. Maybe someone's looking for it? I'm not playing GH in this. SONG ONLY. I forgot how to play on expert anyways.

Download Cheat on The Church here:

Lyrics (Copied from :D):

Bless these Children
Blessed he who BBQ's
Blessed he who giveth to thee
Alright folks, I want you to take a step back
I want you to dig into those pockets for me now
i want you to dig deep for me now

I am your father
I am your priest
Your only Messiah
To say the least
So donate and give, give generously
Give all you got, GIVE IT TO ME!

I run this place, the House of God
With your new God GRILL, your dreams fulfilled
If these walls could talk, the stories theyd tell
And if they did, Id be in a whole lotta HELL!

So Im close to the pope, ya know what that means
I can grab and grope and do as I please
Gone into confession, my gamblins in session
Now tell me your sins, 3 cherries I win!

I cheat on the church and embezzle with Greed
I cheat on the church and I take what I need
I cheat on the church and I do as I please
I cheat on the church, boy get down on your knees!

Also…I like my new intro. 🙂

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комментариев 18

  1. Edourado Soulza:

    isso é rock ;]

  2. Mr Ozzy:

    Loved playing this song in guitar hero

  3. Leonardo Vasconcelos cerqueira:

    Eu amo essa música. Graveyard BBQ é uma banda nota 10.

  4. Max Pierson:

    Is it me or does this singer sound like adam sandlee

  5. 6672rock:

    This band sounds like some bastard hybrid of Molly Hatchet and Motorhead. I like it!

  6. Graveyard BBQ / Brownbag Johnson:

    ALL HAIL THE BBQ NATION!!!!!! Subscribe to the Official GRAVEYARD BBQ Channel for ALL Songs, Vids, Shenanigans, and everything else BBQ NATION!

  7. Gamzee mofo makara:

    Thumb’s up if you didn’t here this song from guitar hero, and you’re just here because you like the song.

  8. Farow:

    cheese on the Church

  9. chubii123:

    I thank guitar hero for showing me a world of great music back then.

  10. MrAnonymousPasta:

    You can’t forget how to play on Expert! You can lose practice but not forget…

  11. Josh Brady:

    Just cause you love metal doesn’t mean you can’t like/love other music!

  12. Fernando Henrique:

    Great song Guitar Hero Games!

  13. Trey Magathan:

    A perfect example of the Vatican’s unimaginable greed. I wouldn’t even mind if the donations weren’t used to protect the Church’s pedophiles, but clearly the Church has no interest in ridding its members regardless of what they do to the alter boy.

  14. SpriteBanana:

    When I look back at gh1 This was super easy on expert to full complete.

  15. Daniel Vasconcelos:

    Como pode o Graveyard BBQ ser uma banda tão desconhecida? Eles são uns gênios da música que precisam ser descobertos o quanto antes.

  16. JayxMetal:

    2 years ago. Learn something yet?

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