Grand Theft Auto V Online (PS3) | Street Car/Bike Meet | Hakuchou Build, Drag Racing & More

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Bike meet turned into a car/bike meet, went pretty cool still.

Disclaimer:Information In This Video Is Used For Entertainment Only.

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комментариев 79

  1. Kgamer:

    uploads in 1920×1080, game runs at 1280×720


  2. H S:

    What do you use to record in game footage?

  3. It’s Yana:

    add me queldollars60160 I play gta5 all day

  4. puffin96:

    it’s amazing how these graphics used to be top of the line

  5. SpecAgentProduction:

    I see CReddy squidding haha

  6. 133col:

    6:10 (background) LOL

  7. Lam Bro:

    I never get invited to these car meets anymore because I pissed off a LOT of people. I was invited once and I decided to have some fun. I threw grenades at random cars and since most cars were parked close to one another the grenade explosion created a domino effect and like 5-10 cars got destroyed. Some insured some not and you can imagine the rage coming out of those guys. Since I didn’t have practically any in-game money, I didn’t lose much. But it was hilarious to hear those guys rage about their cars being destroyed.  Haven’t found a car meet online for PS4 in months. But that was fun at least for me.

  8. Dot Last:

    who ever still play GTA on ps3 hit me up I dnt have it on xbox1

  9. longhorns12345:

    what is your name for ps3 network

  10. Nxth:

    Looking for people with a mic to play with (ps3) my psn is uhhnxth

  11. S Archer:

    meet at sandy shores airfield 2016

  12. Jason Coder:

    Hola tengo ps3 y GTA V quien quiera hacer atracos cpn migo o jugar agreguenme tengo micro ID : LsMx_GuaGuaS

  13. Jake Playz:

    Add me on ps3: gta5champion

  14. Fabian theBoss:

    Can u except my friend request it’s is FabeTheGAMER123 I’ll join your crew I have a good car I want to use it on a car show plz

  15. Dawn Morris:

    I love this game I also have it

  16. Anoymous 505:

    Gta v ONLINE=???

  17. LowMedia:

    Every time I try hosting a bike meet it turns into a car meet -_-

  18. [FPC] fixers vdklooster:

    what’s your crew

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