Giving Money To Kids + Modding Cars GTA 5 Modding *NEW DESCRIPTION*





          Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!          

       Скачать GTA5 apk для ANDROID !!!



                      СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5  

                СКАЧАТЬ КЭШ к GTA5 !!!


Как установить файл кэша к игре GTA5

  • Скачиваем файл
  • Скопировать папку кэша в SD/Android/obb/
  • Если у вас этой папки нет, то создайте ее
  • В итоге получится SD/Android/obb/папка_кэша/файл *obb
  • Запускаем приложение


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комментариев 57

  1. Genocide x SOD:

    Hi dub keep up the good work and hope to see you in GTA Online in PS3 🙂

  2. Harobrin:

    Wish people could do that on Xbox one

  3. InSaNe CloWn:

    money aw money lol funny

  4. Aiden Field:

    hey do u have a ps3

  5. Josh The Ford Boy:

    Nice Job Dub. Love watching your videos. Hope to see some 360. 😀

  6. callum 123:

    what’s his name called

  7. Jenny Holley:

    how do you mod

  8. Patrick Salazar:

    I have a friend that knew a modder and they gave me over 250 million

  9. Lucas Davies:

    Yo I’m only rank 5 could someone pls give me money and rp pls psn is xVeNoMxGaSx

  10. Kayden Cantrell:

    do you got a x box 360

  11. Night League:

    Your so nice to kids that’s why your my number 1# fan

  12. acrimony __:

    I feel so lucky for them : ( They are so lucky to get that I wish i had a modder friend on ps4 🙁 🙁 🙁

    if you can mod on ps4 then plz send friend req to my account user: DRPIGGY_XD

  13. Marques Savala:

    need money lvl36 I need it xbox 360

  14. Laurent Dejean:

    pls can somone give me money on

  15. Lewis Holley:

    your so kind

  16. Benny.:

    is it possible to money drop on ps4?

  17. george baker:

    little did they do they would be banned ten mins after spending the money,well that is one way to get rid of squeakers! XD

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