Friday The 13th: The Game Angry Review

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Featuring AngerBeard:
And Purrluna:
AngryJoe takes a look at the latest movie licensed game, this one based on the famous Friday the 13th Franchise — How does this asymmetrical horror survival game fair? Find out!

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комментариев 89

  1. Sarg Barz:

    I know this game could’ve been more polished but, I for one am so excited that we’re getting games that are totally different from the same boring trend of fps games every fucking year. I appreciate the creativity and the amount of FUN that was put into this and Dead By Daylight. Oh and Joe, thanks for being DIFFERENT and fun with your videos man!

    • william crow:

      Different I different know different what different you different mean different. Every different body different is different always different the different same different and different it different gets different really different annoying different in different my balls

    • CR Buck:

      Sarg Barz same,
      Just needed better execution!

    • The White Mage:

      This game isn’t really different. It’s just prop hunt with killing animations for like 40 dollars. We are still getting rushed, unfinished games, this just helps support the bigger companies since they can feel more safe about not finishing their games and charging more money than they should for them.

    • Gary W-l-o-t:

      *different balls

    • Lonnie Dearing:

      Just wish it had not online content .

  2. UsefulSpoonGames:

    «Hey Joe Wanna Play A Zombie Game.»

  3. Jason:

    The sleeping bag kill was originally from part 7 Joe. Not part x

  4. Road House:

    So this is pretty much your highest 6/10 you have given, right?

  5. Pimp Master Broda:

    This game is an absolute blast even with all of it’s problems. The feeling when counselors manage to outwit Jason and escape can’t be beat.

  6. MoodyReeper02N8:

    I’m I the only person who has played this game for seven hours straight and only got to be jason once

  7. Simon Ausmus:

    Sooooooo great with friends, bad as a soloplayer

  8. Pierce Whitney:

    cheesy costumes? comically bad acting? 30 min video? this is gonna be good ?????

  9. mikenrqz:

    I don’t care wat anyone says ! This game is fun as hell!!!

  10. VergilHilts:

    The first and (probably) only Kickstarter game I’ve spent so many hours playing so far. Great review, Joe!

    Though I think it deserves a higher score, especially with so many issues fixed just recently. Of course, this was done before the patches…

  11. SkuLSauruS 413:


  12. Rav3rz!:

    Dead by Daylight anyone? No? Okay ._.

  13. PurpleShield Gaming:

    Now we need a nightmare on elmstreet game, by the same team, where you have to escape different dreams

  14. Jason Campbell:

    It was really hard to watch this with all of the screaming. I had to keep adjusting the volume.

  15. Being Scared:

    I’m a scary story narrator Joe. I would love to collaborate with you on a horror game someday. Make my dreams come true man.

    • Being Scared:

      PoopyButtMcDoodleDoo I will. And thanks man

    • PoopyButtMcDoodleDoo:

      I see your point, I do, and it’s good that you realize that people see it as an advertisement for your channel (which was my point from the start, I don’t get how this escalated so quick), but again, like Marley so said, just send him an e-mail if you really want him to see it; good luck with that if you will.

  16. Tyler Creating:

    this game wont survive for very long.

  17. irishmad123:

    The price is turning me off buying it should be like 30

  18. UghThatGuy:

    well at least they are releasing a campaign soon


    Joe, I love your reviews, but you’ve got to start lowering the volume of your in-game clips when you scream your lungs out. Having to anticipate those moments and messing with the loudness 15 times per video is making your content difficult to enjoy.

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