Everything REVIEW! The Game Where You Can Be Anything

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The upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC game Everything lets you transform yourself into a thousand different things. It's very strange. We like it a lot. Watch to hear our full thoughts.

Everything is out now on PS4. Look for it on PC and Mac on April 21st. Read our FULL REVIEW on Polygon.com:

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комментария 54

  1. Filip Kozik:

    I just skipped forward to 5:10, and he’s playing a bunch of houses while saying «It made me think about my own life, before I decided to become a shoe»

  2. Giovansiva:

    this game need all the attention that it can get

    • Tommy Noble:

      «What we see as death, empty space, or nothingness is only the trough between the crests of this endlessly waving ocean. It is all part of the illusion that there should seem to be something to be gained in the future, and that there is an urgent necessity to go on and on until we get it. Yet just as there is no time but the present, and no one except the all-and-everything, there is never anything to be gained—though the zest of the game is to pretend that there is.» -Alan Watts

    • Giovansiva:

      Alamda Balqhin no son, this is everything

    • Alamda Balqhin:


    • hilyfe01:

      Giovansiva like….seriously

  3. Aperitif_420:

    Baby’s first existential crisis the game

  4. solarplexus7:

    Omg this is what the «have you ever had a dream» kid was talking about this whole time!

  5. fourtwenty fourseven:

    i didn’t find anything wrong with this review. told me exactly what i wanted to know. i’m more suspect that people just like hating things on the internet for no reason.

  6. Scatterbrie:

    a game where you can be trash? finally a game for me

  7. spanishoctagon:

    To provide a counter-point to some of the other comments, I think the natural, ad-lib style of this review perfectly suits the game.

    • Craig Kuhlman:

      Ditto. Granted, the game doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I’d regularly play, I do see where some people get enjoyment out of it. Sometimes, you don’t want a game that’s action and goals and story and a target the game is aiming to hit with the audience. Sometimes, you just want a game that is.
      The way I see it, Everything is in the same pool of game drive as something like Minecraft or Elite: Dangerous or (dare I say it) No Man’s Sky; a game where you can just wander and make your own goals within the limits of the game (since even Minecraft has a limit to what you can do, even if you mod it up the wazoo).

  8. Cold Chemical:

    Very excited to play this game. I fear that a lot of people are going to dismiss it out of hand as being pretentious nonsense because they don’t understand what the game is trying to say (these being the same people who would stand to benefit the most from its message). That’s art for ya ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Josh Burns:

      I haven’t played the game but I’ve watched several videos on it — to my understanding the game sort of aims to tell you the opposite: that you are significant. Of course the main mechanic of the game is the ease with which you can walk around as a dust mote and then, equally and without drama, change to walking around as a galaxy. That seems to aim to tell you that you’re insignificant. But the excerpts of philosophy (even in this video) tell us that everything, regardless of size or mass, is interconnected, and that because of this, in a sense, any one ‘thing’ sort of represents ‘everything’, and so any ‘thing’ is as significant as the next ‘thing’. It promotes a sort of universal equivalence of ‘things’. The game is called ‘everything’ — just that could be argued to carry the connotation that the game wants to tell us that we are all in fact of the ultimate significance.

      On the other hand, I do agree with you that to an extent the game does seem only to want to create the illusion of depth — like you say, the game at its core mechanical level is a very insubstantial walking simulator, with virtually no mechanics. Mechanically, the game is merely a collection of player models and environments. It’s possible to argue from this that the game is in fact very shallow, and so also that any attempts to convey a sense of philosophical or whatever other ‘depth’ is disingenuous and pretentious.

      On the other hand again, the counter to this would be that, yes, the game is mechanically barren, but, like I said before, the majority of the point in the game is the TRANSITIONS between those different player models and environments. The game wants you to consider and reconsider your perspective on the universe, your place in it, and the place of all the contents of the universe in it, and the game aims to force you to change your perspective in these ways by having you transition between extremes in scales of life and non-life.

      I can’t decide whether I think the game is a great idea or a load of bollocks. My opinion is probably somewhere in the middle.

    • Thurbo2:

      You’re entirely missing the point.

      This game is quite clearly not trying a whole lot to be an actual game. Mechanics-wise, it’s about shallow exploration at best. Neither is there a story or any other remarkable quality besides this message.

      I don’t get the same out of reading Wikipedia articles about Super Mario rather than actually challenging myself with playing it, and movies can have so much more to offer than a shortened version of their script on Wikipedia as well. But with this title, I have my doubts. Imagine a movie that is just a flat colour that changes into a different colour from time to time while someone reads lines about their thoughts on life and everything. That sounds incredibly boring under normal circumstances, other than those rumors that watching it is still worth it for its «message». The colour changes supposedly interpret the lines/show their meaning/work in conjunction/do whatever. Such a movie I really don’t have to waste my time with, personally, and I’m more than content with reading its Wikipedia article, if at all. To me, that movie is this game.

      Sure there’s always a >possibility< that playing this game has some underlying value to me that I can't imagine right now, but that seems unlikely. I'm not convinced, hence I'm not buying it.

    • Nestor Collazo:

      Thurbo2 Do you «really» need to watch a movie if you’ve read the Wikipedia? Do you «really» need to finish a book if you’ve already skipped to the last page? I can’t say I know the answer. But if yours is a reflexive and unequivocal ‘no,’ well, that’s why you’re coming off as simple, if a bit shallow, at best… at worst, you seem like a willfully obtuse cynic.

    • Thurbo2:

      I always hear about its message but I’m not certain what that’s supposed to be, and do I really need to play this if the message is already clear from the premise?

      If it’s about what he says in the video, that this game is there to make you feel insignificant, I’m quite aware of how everything is only as significant as we make it to be, because it’s a human thing, and only us humans care. There is no caring in the greater image. If that’s what it is, I personally don’t need to play a game to understand that. I care about what I care about is all I need to know.

      Thing is, if you consider this to be art, you can make of it whatever you want to make of it, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you otherwise. (Is that the real message?)

      All I know is that me playing this game would result in me trying to find random things for an hour until I’m thinking about becoming a used condom, the figurative kitchen sink, or a copy of this game itself, only to not find it, because the developers’ resources have their limits. Though sandbox games are great, GMod is probably a better choice for me.

    • domanz1:

      Problem is it’s patronizing to tell other people what they need. When you’re a psychiatrist, you can tell someone which meds they need. You studied for that and you will be held accountable when things go wrong. There is no course though that enables you to tell random people on the internet you don’t know what they need and what would be good for them.

  9. Ivano Forgione:

    agree 100% with this review. I’m still totally captured by this game, after so many days. Work of heart.

  10. Chandler Short:

    This game looks so stupid it’s good again, 8.25/10

  11. sleepwalker2112:

    Could you be more unclear and herratic? Oh and please talk a bit faster it’s not stressful enough! 😉

  12. angel666oflight:

    To makes things clear, this is a game suited for those who like philosophy, who enjoy thinking about existence and life as a whole, and love to acquire knowledge about anything, not just specific subjects and does not get overly existed by playing casual mainstream games. In this game there are no heroes, no villans, you don’t save anything or anyone, you are not the motherfucker badass who needs to kick butt, or solve riddles (unless you think of yourself as a unlimited riddle)…..so if you seek to be intertained through high graphics, explosive action and dramatic story telling without having to think to much other than who to kill next or what race to win, then stay away from this game — if you on the other hand, enjoy relaxing gameplay, beautiful music, exploration and perspective beyond that of your own thinking, I am sure you will enjoy what it has to offer.

  13. Evan Page:

    What a time to be alive.

  14. ayayayify:

    Why are the graphics so shitty

  15. Frensus:

    Has a kinda katamari feel

  16. Sean McNally:

    shout out to all the True Gamers who are determined to tell everyone how this game isn’t for them because it doesn’t involve stabbing dudes. There are a million games where you can stab a dude. There are not a million games where you can be 1000 different things. Different ideas are important, art is important, you’re using games that use art, critisising a game for being ‘arty’ is the dumbest thing you could possibly do,

    • FilmsMusicLife:

      Alex Holker its more of a life lesson than a game. literally at the end of the game the developer says «its a good lesson but a shabby game». you shouldnt form an opinion on things you dont know

    • Joel C:

      But I can do all this and more in Gary’s Mod..

    • Alex Holker:

      It’s not a game for me because 1000 options implemented poorly is worse than 10 options implemented well. Make a game where you play a Druid who can shapeshift into birds, fish and other animals to traverse and interact with your environment, and I’d be interested in having a look. Make a game whose main selling point is that you can change the mesh for the player character to whatever you want, and it’s hardly a game at all.

    • ScottishAtheist:

      How incredibly smug.

  17. MasterOfTheMarsh:

    looks like Katamari Damacy

  18. Inu Yasha:

    TL;DR Another indy 15$ shitty gaem

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