Electricity & Turrets Tutorial | 7 Days To Die Alpha 16

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Just a quick and fun tutorial full of instructions on how to use electricity and turrets in alpha 16! Enjoy!!

Don’t forget to visit the official 7 Days to Die page at www.7daystodie.com and Joel’s art blog (Lead art developer for 7DTD) at www.joelhuenink.tumblr.com/

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комментария 42

  1. Hoodmonger:

    You can «daisy» chain them. You just have to chain the wire from the turret that has already been powered to the next one. Not the other way around 😉

    • SmooreMC85:

      I do eventually figure that out, but you make an excellent point. I find that i was treating it like redstone, obviously not the thing to do! I’l pin your comment so it stays on top for others to see.

  2. billy seder:

    reminder you have mire options for rotation you just have to open the radial and switch rotation type

  3. Gammirockt:

    how did u pick up the turret???

  4. FunZ:

    They cant shoot through Iron bars, and you can hold R to rotate the bars.

  5. John Turner:

    That’s good stuff, I don’t care who you are… LOL


    At 6:30 press ‘R’ to change the rotation option to ‘Advanced’ (or one of the others) if you want to cycle through the block’s x y and z axis. ‘Copy’ direction is useful for building rows of bars or walls where they all face the same way, using ‘Advanced’ is good for flipping ramps upside down to make anti-spider climbing defences etc.

  7. Adreden Gaming:

    This definitely had some other point that others have rushed over or missed so that is great.

  8. Chandra Christiawan:

    how do you move the turret? i didn’t get it

    • Chandra Christiawan:

      Thank you!

    • SmooreMC85:

      MAGIC! just kidding; plop your land claim block (first rule of 7 days to die is now to not scrap your land claim block, but in B129 it was changed to require iron and not steel, which is nice) down near your turrets and you can push and hold E and provided the turret isn’t damaged, you can pick it up. If it’s damaged just repair it. Now, there is a radius at which your land claim block will and will not work, but i dont know what that is, you’ll have to research it it 🙂 Mine works in teh video because i placed the land claim block pretty much adjacent to my crappy looking tower of doom.

  9. Boikot lsrail:

    make a review but dont know how it actualy work!!

  10. Hristo Stanoev:

    well you did … something at least , it was sort of helpful ( ? ) don’t get me wrong you still blow , but not as much

  11. JD Kempton:

    Better tutorial doing with us

  12. ArnoKitteh:

    900 mm , damn

  13. MrSohcahtoa:

    If you have no idea what youre doing at the beginning why are you making a tutorial video?????????????

    • VapeGoat:

      I think the point he was trying to make is you started working on a tutorial video while not yet understanding the basics. It makes this video more of a «first look» then a «tutorial»

      I’m yet to play around with electricity first hand but while watching your video I cant help but notice you’re slow figuring things out and it becomes frustrating to watch.

      Just some examples in an attempt to be constructive;
      When you first say that you cant daisy chain things you literally just finished accidentally daisy chaining two turrets but you didn’t even notice lol. (@ 7:20)

      You can clearly see the wire going red when its too long but you didnt seem to notice for a while (when you were first testing out the repeaters) (@10:40)

      It took forever for you to figure out that you have to first interact with the source of the electricity and then the item using it, so you kept breaking chains and having to start again. (10:45)

    • SmooreMC85:

      MrSohcahtoa love your handle. I put this video together like this to show people how to figure it out start to finish. I absolutely could have put out a two minute video, but that doesn’t teach anyone how to figure out what works best for them. all that does is show them how to string wires together. now a video that showed how to hide all of the wire mess, that one might be a good to the point tutorial. But with this new mechanic, I also wanted to play around with it and show folks how it does and does not work.

  14. short ass pants:

    How can you play on this fov :O lol

    • SmooreMC85:

      i usually play at 90, its just what feels good. i can’t recall what i had it set to in this video, this was pretty early in A16 experimental. Thanks for watching, hope it helped!!

  15. Mr. Goldfish:

    I think you need to press R key to get the advance rotation to put down those bars

  16. first and last:

    it would seem for redundant power hook solar battery or generator to a electrical relay before going to the sentry gun

  17. sannymoon:

    now i know how it works 😀 thanks ^^

    • sannymoon:

      🙂 yeah I understand. It is great that you have tried the different components. 😉

    • SmooreMC85:

      No problem! Just remember, as I didn’t do the greatest job explaining, that when making complex circuits you need to always wire them up «downstream» from the energy source, and ever connection requires a right click with the cable wire tool on the upstream connection, and another on the downstream connection. Good luck happy hunting!

  18. Christopher Ringer:

    Hi Smoore. love the content i would love to play alpha 16 but to scared to upload it , simply put i do not no how.

    • SmooreMC85:


      Dont be afraid :)) Just search, implement, troubleshoot, practice, and launch your channel strong!

  19. Adreden Gaming:

    Ok love it, now your thinking about new ways to do things and its awesome, no else has shown this

  20. golova2uh golova2uh:

    Why do not you enter Russian into the game officially?

    • SmooreMC85:

      Это хороший вопрос для разработчиков игр. Вы можете связаться с ними по адресу 7daystodie.com/forums.

      Я думаю, что этот вопрос уже задан. Я думаю, что разработчики игр могут добавить более официально поддерживаемые языки, когда игра будет почти завершена. Но сейчас это может быть слишком рано. Вы также можете прямо к Joel Huenink, @joelhuenink
      Eto khoroshiy vopros dlya razrabotchikov igr. Vy mozhete svyazat’sya s nimi po adresu 7daystodie.com/forums.

      YA dumayu, chto etot vopros uzhe zadan. YA dumayu, chto razrabotchiki igr mogut dobavit’ boleye ofitsial’no podderzhivayemyye yazyki, kogda igra budet pochti zavershena. No seychas eto mozhet byt’ slishkom rano. Vy takzhe mozhete pryamo k Joel Huenink, @joelhuenink

    • golova2uh golova2uh:

      Гугл переводчик sorry

    • golova2uh golova2uh:

      It seems to me that a lot of the players who play, they play the Russians and do not know English well. Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Estonia. I do not want to mess with everyone. There’s a Soviet translation. One thing is transferring to kalenki from users and another thing for game developers (Official). 200-300 words?

    • golova2uh golova2uh:

      Yes, Russian subtitles, menus, settings, lut.Sylo many became spare parts

    • SmooreMC85:

      golova2uh golova2uh officially in the game, or with Russian subtitles turned on?
      Официально в игре или с русскими субтитрами?

      Ofitsial’no v igre ili s russkimi subtitrami?

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