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Commentary by Capitalist and Blitz

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  1. Gabriel Barsch:

    dat universe deserves The succ

    and my mouth is here

  2. Timotius Marbun:


    *After watching*

  3. asmer192:

    you know the game is epic when NFUA have to crammed all the actions into 25 minutes video instead of normal 14-15 minutes video

  4. Makaryo:

    Iceiceice timber still the best. Before and now. Jugg throwed thou.

  5. widdz:

    Universe void, always good chronos! people think its easy cause you do 5man chrono all the time in your 2k bracket, but doing 3+ chronos in pro games all the time, really set them up!

  6. Batman Pikachu:

    iceiceice’s Timbersaw is always so fucking exciting to watch.

  7. Brian C.A.R.P:

    The best match in history of Dota 2

    • mohammad ghaznavi:

      +kartik d shidhaye ‘

    • Cottonmouth SteelViper:

      I seriously hope you’re not implying that Na’vi vs Alliance Game 5 wasn’t full of mistakes from both teams.

      Games like these are BUILT on the teams stumbling in execution. It’s fun to watch because it’s the team that manages to pull through amongst the chaos that leads to a win.

    • Da Pamily:

      nope also because navi dont want to push sidelanes that time thats why they lose its was on puppey interview

    • MrUnreal9111:

      Nope, Ehome made too many mistakes for it to be the best match. 4 v 5 pushing higher ground when Timber is middle and without BoT? (on courier on hiw way to him) Died with Aegis and lost their timing to push bottom racks.

  8. Joash Aguilar:

    EG is The only Middle Eastern team to make it

  9. Michael Fernanlie:

    zai is so fucking good

  10. Maxwell A:

    The real mvp are EG’s use of faceless void and shadow demon, they never miss their chrono and those disruption are on point!

  11. oyche Eeriek:

    24:34 xD

  12. Doul3x:

    The best game was ti3 final

    • lpbsbnsync:

      To be honest ti3 finals are way too overrated. I mean, come on, the «amazing comeback» alliance did to win was rat navi’s base and stop navi’s tps. Oh, and Navi made sure of that by trying to tp just 2 steps away from alliance. It honestly wasn’t that great. Perhaps it was hyped because it was a ti final, and it was between navi and alliance. Now look at this game, EG were able to hold miraculously over and over again against Ehome. It was honestly ridiculous, how they were able to hold them back, then being mega creeped they marched to Ehome’s base and ended it. All in all, mistakes were made in both games, but please don’t compare this insanity to that rat game.
      By the way, I’m not an EG fan, I’m being completely objective here. Oh and I’m not hating on ti3 final as it was an intense final.

    • lars Olofsson:

      +Mathias Bimo The fail was that they tped so close to the enemies Base though, agenst a long ranged aoe stun. S4 just took the advantge, which was the right play.

    • Mathias Bimo:

      +lars Olofsson i think its not major mistake, the best way navi back to base fast by teleporting and it was amazing coil by s4. that whats i think.

    • Nathan:

      TI3 finals is up there not only because of the skill level of the games (which I agree is a bit lacking compared to today’s game) but also for the emotions and the gravity of that matchup. It was a TI finals, the atmosphere of the arena is different from EG vs EHOME.

    • Andrew Chin:

      +Miguel Carones the level of dota is just insane now. Even demon admitted it. Jimmy used to be one of the most technical player on this stage. Now he is nowhere close. When you think about it, dota is just in another zone now in terms of talented players. FeelsGoodMan

  13. whatcha say?:

    now, this is a game worth fapping for

  14. MLVN Lee:

    ok zai is kick out , because RTZ is coming back XD

  15. Justice:

    The First Comeback on The International against Megacreeps!!! EG — you are the best! =)

  16. Rob McCallister:

    I watch both The international and worlds but never i had seen a perfect match like this in Worlds.

  17. MTMRPG:

    This game made me realize how legit Sumail actually is.

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