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Jesse Wellens from PrankVsPrank forgets his lines??? This was at the need for speed payback segment in e3 2017.

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  1. Jack FitzGerald:

    «Got my boy Marcus, Executive Producer here, he is the producer of the game.Thank you Nick, for having me.»

  2. JamesPrime:

    «Alright this can’t get any worse.»

    *rolls up 1 sleeve*

  3. Rory Wright:

    See you in the E3 2017 cringe compilation Jesse ?

  4. DickmanComedy:

    «You guys all know who I am.»

    I didn’t… but I do now!

  5. xSplayd:

    «Got my boy Marcus, Executive Producer here, he is the producer of the game.»»Thank you Nick, for having me.»

  6. Człowiek Drzewo:

    Oh CrowbCat, where are you?

  7. BearLionMan:

    That might have been the hardest thing i’ve ever had to watch, It gave me anxiety.

  8. Guy:

    Hi im a youtube creator, and I dont know why im here

  9. Joe Woodford:

    This is what happens when you try to be cool but you kinda know you’re not, deep down inside. The two cannot exist at the same time, thus a glitch in the matrix occurs.

    • GBThreeCount:

      Noctis I watched his video and he’s in denial. He thinks he stumbled but then went on to recover and finish strong. From start to finish he was stumbling all over the place. He never «recovered». It’s not EAs fault that they can’t count on a guy who can go off script and handle the job they were given when things go wrong.

    • David Rojas:

      Teleprompters are used all the time, I don’t see the problem with «feeding lines.»

    • Zelda Link:

      Joe Woodford .. no, this is just what happens when you hire a «youtube creator»

    • Noctis:

      Well EA screwed up so its not exactly his fault…if you watch his latest video he explains what happened

  10. Foxx6699:

    Atleast there isn’t vomit on his sweater already.

  11. Evolver FX:

    Serious question: why did they use Jesse here? He’s just a YouTube prankster/vlogger like the hundreds there already are. What made him uniquely qualified for hosting a gaming conference?

    As you can tell, public speaking clearly isn’t his thing.

  12. maximusgeniusIII:

    Jesse: What up guiz? Dank you for having me, EA. If your guy, here…..uhhh….YOu Tube createrr, im herre to……………………….
    ………………………………………if u gys didnt know, need fer speed pybck…..here. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, lol….YES! gret game….But, Allls set side, Im utoop creater, need 4 speed payback comin out, i got my boy Marcus, exec———preducer here, he is…..the producer on the game. Thank you, nd-Nig for having me..


  13. Fussions:

    » got my boy, executive producer of the game, Marcus. He is producer of the game. »

    » Thank you nick for having me here «

  14. Leo Alepuz:

    «Hello guys, I am Jesse , I don’t have anything to do with the videogame industry, I am just here coz my buddy hooked me up to get more subscribers. Here you have that game I don’t even know the name of without a teleprompter»

  15. Daykuro:

    I felt physical pain while watching this.

  16. Mc Rental:

    Of all people they could choose, why Jesse Wellens? He obviously has no knowledge or interests in Need for Speed whatsoever so it doesn’t make sense. Still, I’m happy that they got him because he’s gonna make it to the top cringiest E3 moments of 2017

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