Driving a $2,000,000 HYPER CAR! — Need for Speed: Payback GAMEPLAY #1

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Need for Speed: Payback gameplay walkthrough Part 1 — Can we hit 10,000 Likes? Enjoy! 😀
► Need for Speed: Payback #2 —
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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комментария 52

  1. MoreAliA:

    WELCOME EVERYONE — If you want to see this turn into a FULL series, smash that «LIKE» button. I hope you enjoy a special 1 HOUR episode — Enjoy! 😀 <3

  2. soft fost:

    That thumbnail tho!!!!

  3. John Brown:

    Ali plz do all the episodes 1 hour :D,Like so Ali sees this

  4. Nick Garzoli:

    You should get the Honda S2000

  5. GameRiot:

    Have to race you sometime ?

  6. julano:

    Change your controller Ali I swear it’s effecting the acceleration.

  7. Freddy Fazz Bear:

    Get the Honda

  8. BigRoo 2007:

    Saw u on cbbc today that car was sick

  9. Alex Games:

    pick the s2000

  10. Latronis:

    Should have played this on the Xbox X

  11. Gucci Panda:

    Ayy, me and my brother love this game I didn’t know you would start a series on this game

  12. Michael Mortimer:

    V dub bud, or even the Honda will do 😀

  13. Midas touch2244:

    Yes please do more of need for speed and it’s an hour that’s amazing I enjoy watching u play this game for an hour?

  14. TheExpertNoob:

    get the honda or the buick

  15. connor k:

    Honda s20000

  16. Jack Nevison:

    Its called the db11 I think

  17. Aaron McDermott:

    Ali use the Honda looks sick

  18. Gowtham Sundar:

    the honda s2000

  19. Reddragongaming 01:

    take the trigger stoppers off it affects the acceleration

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