Download Tekken 5 Free For PC — Game Full Version Working

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Hello to all my friends I will show in this tutorial that the game will be running in my computer. So, in that case you will not say it doesn't work please like and subscribe for more working games.

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комментария 42

  1. Island Hopper:

    And it works, awesome! Got it from *gamehackstudios, com*!

  2. Awesome fans:

    WOwowowowowowo Thanku so much

  3. akash agarwal:

    can’t download emulator as the url is blocked by the telecommunication department…kindly help me out!!!

  4. rehan nawaz:

    i have core 2 duo processor with 2 gb ram

  5. Taimoor Baloch:

    it says that Download the GTA_ V.exe

  6. Dev roy:

    sir i like your video ………
    BUT pleas downlod ( *****assassin’s creed ********)
    pleas sir pleas pleas pleasssssssss


    plz tell me how to play keybord

  8. Wajid Ali Lohar:

    bro thank you its working but 🙁

  9. Doraemon Friends Corner:

    game is playing very slow when the fight start my laptop have 4gb of ram and core i7

  10. rehan nawaz:

    game is hanging in fight battle,

  11. Dhananjay Bhadoriya:

    you make my life man

  12. Alfa Gamer 04:

    Works on Windows 7 32 bit?

  13. Zain Mumtaz:

    sir g mai nay search main takken 5 likha tha but mera no result aa raha hay please sir g bta dain is ka solution please please please please bta dain sir g

  14. Mohammad Faisal:


  15. Mahesh Garg:

    emulator are not download

  16. MuLLdOx gamer:

    i have slowmontion in tekke5 pls help how to remove it for normal rounds and play

  17. Mrazdeda Eee:

    i’ve done everthing but when i got to emulator the folder to download pcx2 exe, in folder i dont have anything 🙁

  18. PyroLetsPlays:

    you cant download this game with windows 10 because windows defender says its a trojan virus so it removes it. and i dont know how to deactivate it.

  19. Bj Cooper Redneck Comedy Show:

    Awesome bud

  20. Thor Reyes:

    Good day sir. I’ve already finished downloading tekken 5. Can I play multiplayer? Using usb controller. Even in the keyboard it’s not working. Hoping that you will help me about this issue.

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