Doom Playstation Game Review

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The PlayStation version of Doom was published and developed by Williams Entertainment and released on November 16, 1995. This version spent six months in development. It is almost certainly the best selling version of the game after the original PC version. It was re-released several times, first on the Greatest Hits range in the US, which requires that games have sold at least 150,000 copies there, and on the Platinum Range in PAL regions, which indicates that it sold over 600,000 copies in those territories.

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комментариев 25

  1. ungface:

    The crying babies in the music was so scary when i was a kid. fucking loved it.

  2. Harry:

    I think the heavy metal soundtrack for Doom is waaaay better than the horror soundtrack. I wanna rip and tear through Doom at breakneck speeds not be creeping round slowly, which is what those tracks from the PS1 version sound like.

  3. Larry Bundy Jr:

    I bought a second PlayStation back in the day, just to play link up with Doom. Awesome game.

    Also loved the «Club Doom» Easter Egg levels 😀

  4. Johnny Black:

    «Any doom is good doom….»

    …like Hdoom?

  5. restlessfrager:

    If you’re going to play a Doom spinoff for novelty’s sake, there’s no reason not to just play Doom 64 instead.

  6. Alacorn:


  7. Brandon Petroski:

    The lack of a metal soundtrack is why I won’t pick up any of the ports of Doom. Not sure why they thought it was a good idea.

  8. TheInsidiousArtiste:

    You ever considered reviewing Medal of Honor Airborne? I notice you reviewed most of the Medal of Honor WWII games except that one. Also it was free this month with Games with Gold so I just played it.

  9. Sintacs:

    For «vanilla» DOOM on the PC these days the music from the PSX version is something I almost always use, plus the sounds from the N64 version. As much as I love the original sounds and music, I love the tone and atmosphere the sounds and music I use gives the game.

  10. TheWeezul:

    Any doom is good doom? I smell merch! Hand me a t-shirt and a marker.

  11. Eero Tanner:

    PS1 version is called port even though more appropriate wording would be «remake». Developer used different game engine and had to rebuild everything from «nothing».

    Doom Ps1 can be one of the earliest examples of remake, times have really canged. If I remember correctly

  12. chris palmer:

    Also where can one procure this psx mod?

  13. Waanzinpriester 187:

    I remember owning both pc and playstation versions.
    Great game for the time.

  14. XMrXOddX:

    soon as i saw the gameplay for doom «playstation» i just laughed so tht i blacked out……i think

    *Watches the video* i upet i didnt hear of this wen i was young and i’ve play PS alot bakk den shiiit!!!!

  15. Matthieu Trollip:

    My all time favourite game, especially the Playstation version which I appreciate for the added creepy atmosphere and awesome lighting. The few unique levels to this version are great too. I seem to revisit this annually (along with Doom 64) 😀

  16. Martin Baker:

    This game has one of my favourite dark ambient soundtracks. If you’re into artists like Lustmord then I would recommend it. Aubrey Hodges, the composer, has it on his website for sale or streaming. The Final Doom soundtrack for PS1 is equally good. Was all done using the Playstations hardware, as opposed to prerendered ‘Redbook’, in a way similar to mod-tracking. Using samples and then stretching them out and downpitching them on playback. Reverb is all PS1 onboard DSP. Amazing sound given the circumstances. Standout track for me is «Mind Massacre», samples a bee in a coke can.

  17. Serathis:

    This feels a lot more like Doom 64 with original Doom levels.

  18. Alexandros Tsitlakidis:

    Regarding old 90s Shooters, have you ever heard of or played the Marathon games by Bungie?

  19. ShotokanEditor:

    I never bought an Ost online.. DOOM 64 from aubrey hodges site was the first and only ome. That guy is a legend

  20. A Plus:

    I think you should review the Marathon games. They’re available for free, here:

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