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Double Decker presents Mini Militia Stereotypes | De_Dust2 .
In this video mini militia characters are synchronized with counter Strike Players performing on Catacombs which is similar to De_Dust2. If you like this video don't forget to like, share and Subscribe.
And watch how to become pro at Mini Militia by watching our previous video.(link is given below)

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→Song used:
Camper One More Time: Counter strike

Intro Song: Lookas — Genesis:

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-Double Decker ♛

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комментариев 55

  1. I dont know how I got here.. but this vid was awesome.. good to know there are more da2 fans out there.. keep posting more vids.. appreciate your effort and time spend for editing this vid

  2. dagger Graal:

    made more of these

  3. ZoomGaming:

    this was from that animation from 2009 in Counter Strike de_Dust2

  4. SV mountain:

    Lagger is missing in this video

  5. Veteran Da2:

    Nice video..Keep posting more…

  6. subhash singh:

    i have played counter strike
    this was almost copy of that . as i love counter strike i loved this vid also
    keep it up !

  7. Eagle Da2:

    nice vid it was hillarious and entertaining

  8. jitendra singh.:

    awesome guys

  9. Aryan Pansari:

    can u make a vdo on mini militia stereotypes?

  10. R3FL3X Da2:

    That made my day

  11. Humphrey Incon:

    guys who here has a pro pack mini militia
    just asking

  12. cristelyn tumambac:

    Santa is funny

  13. Ruchith Talanki:

    plzz put some bombs trick and tip

  14. jake Gamboa:

    I wish miniminilitia has a gun that is in the middle of the name just like in this video

  15. Ruchith Talanki:

    nice video

  16. 1’m n0t S1l3ntG4m3r:

    Camper song said kill me camper

  17. Betty merlas:


  18. Sagar Shinde:

    avatar ka face bhoot jaisa kaisr banaye

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