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Today, we challenge our mad meter by playing a game called DON'T GET MAD!! Guide the blue marble to the end of the challenging levels, but don't rage!!

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комментария 82

  1. Chris Cook:

    TDM you have to play Turbo Dismount! Like this comment so TDM can see this!

  2. Sparky !:

    If he was having problems with the music he should have turned the volume off

  3. dracozion:

    I’ve tried the. game and I raged

  4. Windex:

    Guys I’m goin to minecon for the first time

  5. Sumith ST:

    Dan has changed so much since a year and a half!! Awesome.. ur my favourite youtuber 🙂

  6. I Hug Strangers:

    Play it again if you agree like this comment

  7. Adin Kane:

    im sick and this made me smile 🙂

  8. lukestormer 85:

    Dan you should play Rowling sky

  9. Natalie Williams:

    PART 2 PART 2 PART 2!!!!!!!! Like if you agree!!!!

  10. Cali GirlGaming:

    I LOVE this video. Every time I see this I laugh so hard my hands go numb and I do this stupid laugh that I only do when I’m alone or when something IS SUPER FUNNY. Dan ur a hero. U make kid’s and just people’s worst days into days when they can say DanTDM made me smile today. To be honest I hate myself for not liking u at first.(I didn’t kno u and The Diamond Minecart were the same! Lol)

  11. Jordyn aka phan trash:

    this was my first video I watched by him but now I watch evrey video

  12. Vince Smith:

    0:12 its best compatible with a PC controller

  13. Glitched Mike:

    on the 5th — 6th min couldn’t he just have jumped half the course easily think its level4

  14. Danny Kingston:

    don’t collect music notes they speed up the music

  15. Wisdom Billups:

    these stupid intel ads

  16. Lacho famourse:

    Part 2!

  17. ChocolateOreo:

    Lol who’s from 2016

  18. Tanya Kantor:

    dan your going to have blue hair in the futuer

  19. BudgeMan:

    Who else wants mineplex chest openings back??

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