CSGO: Zombie Escape Mod — ze_Best_Korea_v1 (April Fools 2018) on GFL

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Zombie Escape on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Map: ze_best_korea_v1, happy April Fool's! (1080p — 60FPS)
● Server IP: (GFL)
● CSGO Zombie Escape Playlist:


GFLclan IP:

GamersUnited IP:

Mapeadores IP:

SteamGamers IP:

Merchandise: [MUGS & IPHONE CASE]
Download link:

Creator(s) of the map: Luffaren

No coincidence can this be called that ze_best_korea was tested and launched AND published only a day after I got to release ze_Onahole. It's a crazy map that more or less makes fun of the current situation in North-Korea, especially of its leader, so take this map with a grain of salt, lots of humorous things have been implemented.

It features the typical specials you'd expect from Luffaren, recycling many assets of his previous maps into this one with a different coat and slightly varied functionality. Other than that, the map isn't very hard until level three where things start to get seriously out of hand. Just play the map and you'll see what I mean…

There is however, surf, parkour and skill involved for completing this map properly. Make sure to polish those skillsets to have the maximum comfort playing this map.

A recommendation for sure!

P90: Tempered (Custom)
Glock: G-Laser (Custom)
R8: Tempered (Custom)
Knife: Vorax Knife (Custom)

Ending song: (RISE — Ampyx)


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комментарий 31

  1. Mahdi The King:

    Funny map . this is the first time when the zombies win in your videos

  2. Shadow Dz:

    Hhhhhhhhhhh Kum one

  3. 사랑한콩:


  4. Hetansh Jain:

    He’s so funny by the way who made this map
    Whoever made it literally hates the president of korea

  5. critical ops and fwd pro Super pro:


  6. jason bourne:

    Its a kim!!

  7. Tien Dung Nguyen:

    Wow is minh béo head vietnam

  8. ZedTDP 226:

    hey I love your gun skins and nice funny map.


    lol 😉 wow hahahahahaha

  10. 아기모:

    ㅁㅊ 뭔데 이겈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    OMG one of the insane map in csgo XD

  11. Gabriel Anghel Anghel:

    Wow ahhahahaahhahah

  12. SoulWplays - Critical Ops & More:


  13. You Tube남리우:

    김정은 ㅋㅋㅋ

  14. GamingReviews:

    *Workshop link to the Tempered Weapons Skins* : http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1159481616
    *90K Subscribers video* : https://youtu.be/MDoGAEiyjHE

  15. gayguy AFK:

    Meme map, deal with it.

  16. Techno Darkness:

    Wth is this map

    My eye are filling with tear

  17. WolFrost Arfis:

    Weirdest map you ever play right? i bet kim jong un…

    And that part…

  18. Muhammad Rafiq:

    ??????? like

  19. ICE enderman:

    This time i won’t comment anyting

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