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  • Установлены боты;
  • Новое стильное оформление;
  • Игровые иконки изменены;
  • Новые модели оружия;
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Thanks for watching, you can skip to the part you want —

GLOCK 18 — 0:03
USP-S — 0:18
P2000 — 0:51
P250 — 1:45
CZ75 AUTO — 2:34
TEC9 — 3:00
R8 REVOLVER — 4:01

Just a video showing the shooting of guns like the desert eagle, glock, USP ,tec 9 and CZ75 auto in real life. If you liked the video make sure to drop a like and also subscibe!

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комментариев 85

  1. Luigi Luigi:

    I see real life guns are more acurate than cs go guns LMAO

  2. Kazet:

    And that’s why they added the new sound update. They sound more realistic

  3. Pro -Ton:

    *that moment when we are half in the video and everyone is waiting for desert eagle*

  4. SnLiner:

    If u want authentic tech 9 footage search up columbine

  5. cloutboi24:

    Lol Tec-9 exists. I’m going to buy it. Too OP xD

  6. Titanium Rain:

    Oh my god the dual Berettas guy was wearing a trenchcoat.

  7. William Otten:

    The usps irl vid is a M1911

  8. Rampage Gamer:

    Fun fact : The Glock 18 in CS:GO isn’t really a Glock 18 but rather just a Glock 26 with long front end.

  9. StrategySceptic:

    The Tec-9 guy even looks like a terrorist. Plus points for authenticity.

  10. QB:

    So tec is op not only in cs but also irl. Valve / God fix pls

  11. austin rhoads:

    valve saw this vid and decided to change the guns sounds…..

  12. Leonardo macedo:

    Tec 9 i Thought you’d show the columbine cameras tape

  13. DNA iAT3aL3MoN:

    they ruined cs, all pistols sound the same…

  14. i Predator:

    0:11 when someone is triggered so hard

  15. Pipi Chi:

    The new p250 sounds closer to the real thing

  16. Senator:

    Tec9 is smg not pistol
    and R8 revolver is different than R6 …….

    • FlipGram:

      Senator ya thats true Tec — 9 was an SMG category . You can see any other Robbing Movies where terrorist will use tec — 9 and Mac -10 only .

    • Jodul:

      heikki kuusela very late here, but the Pistol version of the tec-9 is just a semi auto version of the full auto, with a smaller barrel.


    3:21 matt from demolition ranch!!!

  18. Skull Hunter:

    first pistol is not glock 18 that was glock 17 full auto

  19. av1ation:

    The fiveseven sounds exactly like the csgo AWP

  20. Mind Over Modder:

    Huh thats weird, the guns don’t sound like staplers irl.

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