CS:GO How To Get Better FPS (2018 Boost)

             Скачать CS GO 1.6 Pro версия:  


               Скачать CS GO 1.6  !!!


  • Установлены боты;
  • Новое стильное оформление;
  • Игровые иконки изменены;
  • Новые модели оружия;
  • Новые модели игроков;
  • Стоит защита клиента;
  • Русский чат и русские ники.


 Скачать МОД с абсолютно всеми моделями оружия кс го:  


                Скачать МОД CS GO !!! 


  • В этом моде вы найдете абсолютно полный список оружия для cs go css v.2;












    Скачать CS GO 1.6 РУССКИЙ СПЕЦНАЗ:


    Скачать CS GO 1.6 РУССКИЙ СПЕЦНАЗ  !!!


  • Новая версия 2018 с новыми текстурами;
  • Полностью русифицирована;
  • Заменены все модели оружия и игроков;
  • Изменен интерфейс;
  • Русские звуки, чат и ники;
  • Надежная защита от изменений;
  • Установлены боты;









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Launch Options:
+fps_max 0 -high -nod3d9ex -nojoy -nosplash -novid +cl_interp 0 + cl_interp_ratio 1 +cl_updaterate 128 -tickrate 128 +rate 128000 +cl_cmdrate 128 +cl_cm +cl_forcepreload 1 +exec autoexec.cfg

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комментариев 76

  1. SkinFreak:

    **READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING** I recommend watching my new updated tutorial as this tutorial actually made some people lose FPS due to a few steps being helpful on only certain PCs, click this link to watch the updated tutorial for any setup to gain significant FPS gains! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL3-0TKwJOo

    — rich (drakemoon)

  2. FALCON:

    u use skype in 2018 O_O

  3. Precedentbug:

    I was getting 3-7 fps at very low settings.. and after applying these settings i get 7-11!!
    Thank you so much Mr.NoScam <3333333

  4. M8iamwhite:

    My fps droped of these changes and some of my settings changed! I do not recommend this

  5. EXOTIC BigTimer:

    U ruined my computer. Thanks.

  6. Capitanu` Prajit:

    my doesn`t launch anymore it says the steam srvice component is not working properly on this pc

  7. Mistakenfighter113:

    U HELP ME A LOT MAN ? I WENT FROM 70 fps to 400fps ??

  8. Talon:

    May I sell the skin for crack?

  9. 69.9:

    I did this and now i got less fps in all of my games, thanks 🙂

  10. Ethan Zhong:

    clean up junk files won’t help much

  11. TPB:


  12. muffen:

    U HELP ME A LOT MAN ? I WENT FROM 300 fps to 150 fps ??

  13. John Janayan:

    Thanks, You just ruined peoples computers, are you happy now…..if you don’t know what i mean, when we deleted things on temp you also deleted «Nvidia Corporation» when you delete that your NVidia wont work. I realized this when i woke up and looked at how many cores do i have and then it used to be 2 cores and now its 1 core. I hope your happy

    • OP mothernoob:

      my pc did well for this

    • Rafael Baptista:

      how do i fix it?

    • Neo:

      John Janayan true

    • CrazyDJ97:

      Sorry but it doesnt ruin your pc at all deleting what is in the temp folder. Your Nvidia corporation will be back soon enough in this same temp folder after a while (it did with mine). If your pc got problems it is surely not because of this. Basically deleting the temp files you are deleting temporary files by windows that are logically not in use. This can clean space on your Hard drive. And if it’s in use, you will get a message box from windows telling you that you can’t delete the files in use. And Btw, your cpu cores should not have anything to do with nvidia at all. Nvidia is mostly related to the GPU not your CPU. Hope this helps some people.

  14. nosferatu ____:

    From 90-110 fps to 30-50

    • Amaan Bagalkote:

      Same bro what to do now??

    • Spencer Weeleo:

      Amaan Bagalkote you could go back here the video and reverse the steps or I feel a simpler option which is what I’m doing rn is put all your important files on a flash drive factory reset and download back all your games this will even help your pc but make sure to get all your pictures videos and stuff on a flash drive because it will delete everything off your computer as if you just bought it

  15. Darshit soni:

    Why This Video Has Only 360p Video?

  16. diogo amorim:


  17. Snitch:

    i didnt followed steps can i hav skin pls?

  18. PontusGW:

    Guys don’t do this, you can get a VAC error like me

  19. CroVision:

    Not working,Even My Fps is Lower Rn,And Also My Nvidia Control Panel is Gone

  20. Ian Andika:


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