Conor McGregor vs The Mountain (Game of Thrones)

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McGregor faces off against Game of Thrones' [6ft9 400lb] Gregor Clegane aka 'The Mountain' in a bare knuckle fight to the death. The bigger they are; the harder they fall. For more exclusive video visit

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  1. Martial Arts Mecca:

    Would be nice to show the man’s name : Hafthór Björnsson ,i think he was or still is the «Strongman» contender. Incredible strenght feats. I belive he should be known for who he is ,rather then for a small role in Game of Thrones 🙂 Best regards!

  2. Nathan Kenway:

    Elias Martell.


    31 10 2017 DATE

  4. Santy 1302:

    Mcgregor vs ser gregor

  5. Jan Richter:

    He looks so careful not to hurt McGregor lol.

  6. Live.Love.Skate:

    I see stiffness when I look in that 400 pound division

  7. Matty:

    It’s like a dad playing with his kid hahaha

  8. jagrcantakeyou:

    Looks at their bodies.
    Looks down at mine.
    Grabs bleach.

    • Rit Che:

      triggered immature morons, get a grip!! yoyo calorie stripping is by no means the only way to get lean, sensitive pussies! ffs, cant somebody disagree, without you crying and bashing on your keyboard?

    • Dylan Hite:

      Rit Che Maybe you should do a little less «research» on «health and fitness» and do a little research on grammar and nutrition.

  9. Simon O Beirne:

    You raped her
    You killed her
    And you killed her children

  10. Jonathan Jacobi:

    Imagine both of them having a child,
    Naming him Gregor McGregor,
    As skilled,fast and quick as Conor, and as Big, massive and strong as The Mountain….


  11. shoeb zama:

    Who’s here after Floyd vs conor fight ?

  12. Jeremy Lindsey:

    The mountains damage resist is +6000 vs small humans

  13. android big play:

    hulk vs green goblin

  14. Student Entrepreneur:

    The Mountain is lucky that Lord Artem didn’t step in

  15. Casiano Cruz:

    all joking aside! conner McGregor is an incredible athlet, he is incredibly adaptable in any given situation. last night when he boxed against the pound for pound best boxer in the world, in floyd «money»maywether conner McGregor showed the world his heart, his athleticism, and his adaptability. i mean say what you want about conner McGregor! but he lasted 10 brutal rounds against the POUND FOR POUND BEST BOXER IN THE WORLD peaple and not only that he HELD HIS OWN in that ring oh and HE IS A NOVICE HIS FIRST PROFESSIONAL BOXING FIGHT EVER!!! conner McGregor you my man are a real fighting WARIER.

  16. Charlie Beaumont:

    If he wanted to Hafthor would crush him into little pieces.

  17. Samantha Heron:

    All men are created equal they say

  18. ImNot BaesicX:


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