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In preparation of alpha 16 releasing I spent the last few days editing together a video that details in depth the building requirements for all the meta bases in 7DTD that don't involve just digging a hole. Hope you enjoy, please let me know if you know of any other designs that you would like to see featured in a part 2 potentially.

Jump Trap Source:
Octogon Source:
Spartan Source:
Toothy Source:

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комментария 44

  1. Chris M:

    The border around your video is really distracting ?

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      Fair enough, it’s the border I use for live streams with ticker tapes at the bottom but in future guides I can ommit that UI element.

    • Premotions p:

      Zanthyst Gaming thanks for this awesome video bro! You just earned my sub hope to see some more tips and tricks for this game!

  2. TikO LoRd:

    Best video ever for explanation !!! Subscribed!!

  3. Alvarezpl:

    I can rotate objects horizontaly with RMB, but how to rotate them verticaly? :/

  4. MIchael Hannah:

    ok, first off, you’re using the arrow slit backwards… and second of all, just… its backwards man!

    • MIchael Hannah:

      its all good. I did it the same way in my first build using em… and yea, I felt stupid when I realised I could see in just fine from the outside 😛
      mostly use em as ceiling slots now, above doors and all so that I can’t get ganked as easily when I’m defending against raiders

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      LOL, yah I Know unfortunately I can’t edit that out now :P. Several others have let me know too :P. Even using it the correct way *doh!* the other setup still gives more view.

  5. Novalith:

    I understand falling damage was removed.

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      Novalith it isn’t I tested it pretty extensively and on my patreon server we have a fall pit and most basic zombies die from fall directly. You can check it out if you wish. Soldiersferals cops etc dont die out right but do take good damage.

  6. Dale Hord:

    You’re using the arrow slits backwords you stand on the flat side not the angled side

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      Yah someone else let me know that as well. Feel a bit silly :P. Even then though it’s view is quite limited in comparison. I stand by that the other setup is nicer especially since you can melee through it. Regardless I feel silly ;P.

  7. IchigoSchiffer:

    Where can I see a x marks the spot tutorial

  8. huskyPlays:

    I don’t like the arrow slits that much either, but u did put them on the wrong way 😛 they are supposed to have the tighter gap on the inside so u can see more.

  9. Val the modest:

    Your octagon has 12 sides….

  10. ultrablue18:

    Great presentation , explanation and demonstration! Subscribed.

    • Matt Hutchins:

      Agreed, earned yourself a new sub. I Just made a new game and tested out the «X Marks the spot». It was fantastic! I’ve been playing for about 4 years now and I usually do some form of this design but the zeds being tricked by the ramps into thinking its a full block I wasn’t even aware of. I had it about 95% complete by the first horde night, I only did 3 high on top with everything upgraded to scrap iron blocks.

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      Thanks man much appreciated

  11. Navitas Nexus:

    Arrow slit: Wrong side, idiot.

  12. Desmond Dark:

    im am sorry wood is not hard to get or to set up a farm i just replant the seeds as i go no problem ever with wood

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      It isn’t now. When 16.0 and 16.1 first launched they MASSIVELY nerfed the amount of wood you got and MASSIVELY increased the amount of wood to upgrade things. Since 16.2 they adjusted it back down and it’s no longer a problem. In the experimental when I made the video it was even worse. Wood is all good now ;).

  13. Feral Survivor:

    As of 16.2, wood frames got a lot cheaper to do and upgrade.

  14. TheLunatic19:

    Great video man! I’ve been staying on the roof of the Higashi pharmaceutical skyscraper thing but it’s a bit overpowered and boring so I think it’s time to start working on a base!

  15. d jokerking:

    22:31 I made a base simular one but less maintenance and easy to loot during bloodmoon. great job.

  16. gerry:

    i dont like the last design but best design is 2nd from last, btw my design is pillar50, pole and square block, it last upto day 49 and beyond…

  17. RichyN25:

    I was gonna comment on you using the wrong side of the arrow slit but I saw you already addressed it in another comment lol, great video, keep up the good work, border is a bit distracting on the right side though, I dig the info on the left however

  18. Hi Imhere:

    Sorry, I couldn’t hear it clearly enough, whats about campfires ? They don’t work well anymore ?

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      They still work but to use a lot of them generates a lot of heat plus you have to have things to burn. They did turn down the damage they do though they used to do 2 damage per second and I think they do like .5 now so a lot less powerful. I’d have to look at the xml numbers been a few alphas since I have but I remember they nerfed them pretty hard. Either way not a great idea anymore with the heat map generation and actual horde zombies being annoying (irradiated).

  19. Aris Tzim:

    the wood is hard to get by? wtf man

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      It was when the video was made in experimental. Since then they have patched it to be much more reasonable. Regardless wood is pretty weak defense wise so I usually bypass it regardless.

  20. LWKNielsen:

    Hi… Great Video. Thanks.. I cant loot from the Prefab… Is it just me or has something changed?

    • Zanthyst Gaming:

      LWKNielsen should be able to look up to four squares away beyond that is out of range which is why I have the breaks and sections that go down a bit. This sort of quick prefab build is okay but not the one I really like. You could also use a prefab and take out the walls and replace w 50 pillars which works pretty well too.

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