Classic Game Room — NAMCO MUSEUM review for Sega Dreamcast

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Classic Game Room reviews NAMCO MUSEUM for Sega Dreamcast from 2000 a collection of six Namco classic arcade games including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Pole Position and Dig Dug. CGR Namco Museum YouTube review has Namco Museum video review gameplay recorded from Sega Dreamcast for SEGA Dreamcast YouTube reviews.

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комментарий 41

  1. groovylobster:

    I think the best Namco Museum games will always be the 5 volumes released on the PS1. You should review those.

    • jupreindeer:

      Amen. Those were indeed awesome. And…got to love how they teased you into turning your whole television set on it’s side, just to play vertically. Wonder if anyone has broken a TV or two, doing that?

      Good luck even finding all five discs. I’ve always kept my eyes out for them at the gaming stores. The American compiles are easier and I usually run into those. Never found the rest, though.

    • MistaMaddog247:

      Vol. 1-3 were the only ones you need… The later ones had nice games that were released only in Japan but are now really rare to get.

    • mtoad:

      They are the best ones. They’re proper ports instead of emulated and they output in 240p.

    • Tiago FCPorto:

      groovylobster crybaby!

  2. RocketFast321:

    Got This on ps2

  3. Super:

    Dreamcast is an overrated failure. True story

  4. Logan Jorgensen:

    Fair statement, Sega had great D-pads already made from the Genesis or Saturn to pick from, so the newly created terrible DC one boggles the mind. O_o???

  5. Gillian Seed:

    dreamcast makes me wish i had a sony trinitron 21 inch vga crt monitor

  6. Juliano Bittencourt:

    Mark, why you don’t show up anymore on your videos? With all due respect, you’re a funny guy. It’s always hilarious to see the faces you make during your jokes.

  7. Mystemo:

    Hope you get to Namco Museum Megamix on the Wii and Namco Museum Virtual Arcade on the 360 eventually, really love those versions 🙂

  8. Nico0020:

    I’m hoping to see Sega Dreamcast month similar to this . Mark did so many Dreamcast reviews way back in the day that deserve a revisit through VGA/Scart.

  9. Dustin Nunn:

    I will always forever love the Namco Museum series. And speaking of the Dreamcast 2, Sega needs to get to work on that console and make sure that it plays online for free without having to pay to play online for a month or a year.

    • justin rivera:

      Dustin Nunn I was saying that if people wanted to play online for free they would have gotten a Wii u but no one did so Nintendo thinks they have to charge for online to get people to buy there system

    • Dustin Nunn:

      justin rivera You misread my comment. I was talking about the Dreamcast 2, not the Wii U.

    • justin rivera:

      Dustin Nunn that was the Wii U but nobody ever bought one so Nintendo thinks they have to charge for online to get people to buy their system it’s the consumer’s fault for not buying the Wii U

  10. Ten Minute Tokyo 2:


  11. Simon's Videos:

    ooooh Galaga!

  12. LS Greger:

    This makes me want to play Dig Dug. We need more Mappy on Namco classics though!

  13. Poopie pants:

    OH LORD COCKAGE U LOVE PLAYING MULTI GAMES? How about multiple cocks at once? Oohhhhh yyeeaaa

  14. fred fuchs:

    Ms pac man is banging

  15. jupreindeer:

    If there is one thing on my wish list…Namco museum II for the Switch. Starring Ms. Pac-Man.

  16. Steve Brandon:

    You barely showed Dig Dug. Is that because you’re annoyed that you can’t beat Madmax’s high score? Nothing to be ashamed of, she topped even the mighty Dusty’s best.

  17. Classic Game Teacher:

    I like the joyful sound effects in Pac-Man, and oh- the funny «explosion» sounds in Galaxian, wow. That sound-programmer could do whatever he liked best back in the day.

  18. Christopher T.:

    COSMIC CRUNCHER for VIC 20 RULES! It puts PacMan to shame!

  19. Rick Vice:

    Isn’t pole position the game that is built into the master system? i remember playing a game that looked like that .

  20. Nicktendo™:

    Hey CGR! I used to watch your channel back in like 2011 and I loved it because I was such a sucker for old game consoles! I was only like 10 or 11 at the time so I never really had a good chance to buy my own stuff. However, your videos always brought me great joy; seeing all the cool tech you had. Was thinking of nostalgic stuff today and thought of your channel, and just wanted to stop by and say thanks for making my childhood happy 🙂

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