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Get ready for intense 360 FNAC horror! ►►
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Last year when I had the opportunity to do Game Lab, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a Five Nights game and recreate it IRL! For this episode, I got together with some of my YouTube friends and SCARED the heck out of them for a whole day at my own haunted pizzeria. Some of them…didn't survive so well. Whose reactions were the best and who was the toughest to scare? I'll let YOU decide.

Can you Survive the 360 video for this episode? Check out the INCREDIBLY creepy first-person walk through of FNAC… alone…in the dark…with some unexpected friends. ►►

A HUGE thanks to Vernon from The Game Grumps, Trisha Hershberger of @thatgirltrish, and Rob Dyke from TheRobDyke show for gettin’ their creep on for this episode. I enjoyed wetting my pants repeatedly with you in front of large animatronics.

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  1. The Game Theorists:

    Hey! YouTube allowed us to make another episode of Game Lab FREE for everyone to watch…and what better episode to do around Halloween than FNAF? I hope you all ENJOY it!



  3. Brian N.:

    Damn Rob Dyke looks huge compared to them, how tall is he ?

  4. Luna Lovegood:

    I’m sorry Mat but, there is no Spoopy FNAF situations without..the one and the only King of FNAF!!

  5. •L Powers:


  6. Abdus Samad:

    Where’s Mark

  7. Arcangel Williams:

    Me: ‘sees animatronic’ hey there bud. ‘animatronic runs at me. I immediately sucker punch it in the face’ Stay back.

  8. linzay .lynnz:

    I thought mark was the king of five nights at freddies ;-;

  9. That One Aussie Girl:

    This was amazing but the only thing I was disappointed about is: Where the heck is the King of FNaF? I reckon this would be amazing for Mark to play.

  10. Glenn_Quagmire:

    The 2nd guy yelled as he was being “killed” he yelled, “DON’T TOUCH MY ANIME COLLECTION!!”

  11. Rattiegamer 6:

    True Story:
    One time I was in a haunted house. Somebody jumped out at me and my response was fight. I punched some poor worker in the face…..

  12. Secret talens:

    Soon as the power went out i would have hid under the desk

  13. horriblebadwolf:

    *It was a long time no see!*

  14. • Hazelisonthemoon •:

    *F I N E I M G U N N A F L A S H Y O U*

  15. VloggerLane That Vlogs:

    Bring jackseptieye

  16. DJAdRockSebaNassar32:

    the part where there is barely any music is the part that makes it creepy.

  17. Mini Christy:

    I was never afraid of the video game, but now that it’s in real life makes it scarier….

  18. Ryu Waffles:

    I feel like they really didn’t give them enough battery, it drained so fast with even the slightest of camera checks. It lasted way longer in the game

    • BruhTatoBroseph:

      That was the NG’s fault, as they constantly checked the cameras, without monitoring their power. They also didn’t try and leave the office, in an effort to hide. Hell, I’d rather hide than wait for my death to come to me.

    • cobrakingofeart:

      an idea i had was to use the filing cabinets to barricade the far doors which swung inwards. if they swung outwards you just break off the knob and push out their side of the knob.

    • Mango ZGreen.:

      Ryu Waffles well because this was only 1 hour not 6

  19. Original Recipe:


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