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Let's play Need for Speed Payback walkthrough gameplay part 7 buying a Lamborghini Huracan livestream with Typical Gamer!
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Buying my Lamborghini Huracan in real life:

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комментарий 51

  1. Jonathan Neims:

    Who else is in the need for some huracan speed

  2. Emiliano Fajardo:

    Hey TG I had an idea: you?? should wrap your Lamborghini like if it was you! It would be black body since you always wear black and the headlights would be yellow like your glasses! Anyway this was a great stream an that Lambo looked really cool as gold.?

  3. Beukelaers Kelso:

    The Lamborghini Huracan is super awesome and beautiful! *Need For Speed: Payback!* 😀

  4. frank tomas:

    Without u what would YouTube do TG

  5. mike Bustos:

    TG GET THE FORD F150!!!!!!!

  6. Jamie Brophy:

    Ford F 150

  7. Makoa Weldon:

    Make the beetle a super build


    HEY TG you should buy the ford raptor and deck it out

  9. jonathon goodding:

    So on the offroad bettle or bel air if you want to super build it just be in the car go to the performance option and equipment the cards to the car

  10. Monty Vids:

    TG:crush three likes

    Two hours later you hit 6,000 likes

  11. Maria Alarcon:

    please do the f150 raptor and super build it for an off-road car

  12. Rokenrowl:

    For offroad, use your Beetle and make it a superbuild!

  13. Vijay Ali-Fischer:

    The 57′ chevy for offroad super build it

  14. Ultimate Beast829:

    I have a YouTube problem that I can’t see the video

  15. cameron lane:

    Use the Bellaire​ for off-road you already customised it you just need to tune it. I’ve been loving the NFS keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next stream.

  16. Iyitunde Akinsola:

    Pls get the g wagon for off-road like if you agree

  17. isaiah williams:

    He said 3 likes??????

  18. Nethanyel Garner:

    Ford f150 completely upgraded

  19. Paty Lozano:

    Hey tg make your lamborghin like your real car

  20. Eden Elyasof:

    When will you be playing real life mod part 55

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