BotsNew Dragon Ball Z VR Game Review With Game Play

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комментария 54

  1. Cartoon Hindi X CARTOON:

    How to buy dbz vr

  2. Panzer_Z:

    I think you need to do more training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber TK. ?

  3. Chemy Torres:

    It’nice, bt I think it’s VR and AR, because the fight you did it watching your room and not the real world if I’m not mistaken.

    Great video, shared man, great review, I didn’t know about this at all.

  4. Sonic:

    How do I get this

  5. Yash vohra:

    I want it. This is awesome.

  6. Game Sec:

    I think they need something like this with naruto

  7. Omer Sheikh:

    Please tell how to look up in this game

  8. The lonely Gamer:

    Wait hold up did U just say fireball?? It’s called a ki blast

  9. Garwynn:

    Glad to see this! Can’t wait to see the English version.

  10. Arnab Chattaraj:

    So cool. Defo getting my hands on this one…

  11. Vincenzo D'Angelo:

    Which are the apps?

  12. truetype80:

    Why does Japan get all the cool stuff? Also that was final flash from vegeta

  13. Pixel Master:

    what android phone r u using?

  14. Gamer Wolf:

    I use s 8+

  15. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee):

    GT need not apply.

  16. Bridge AMV:

    Imagine real 1v1 matches in tournaments dodging and fighting??

  17. Amichai Israel:

    can you configure for English subtitles?

  18. Rovin Joshua Gamer:

    A clone of bobo vr

  19. Cartoon Hindi X CARTOON:

    Nice video

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