Boost 7 Days to Die FPS ( on windows pc)

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a quick tutorial on how to unlock the hidden power of your gpu to increase fps even if you have already overclocked

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комментария 23

  1. ImAProGamer 2k16:


  2. pepper Gaming:

    it worked for then it stopped working a day later and i dont know what i can do

  3. Emil Lundberg:

    Gtx 1080, 32gb RAM, amd fx 0590 and it’s watercooled. I can’t even get 60 fps on this game but i can handle all other games on ultra. This game isn’t optimised at all..

  4. Anthony Buda:

    i swear this guy made me put my volume 100 so i would forget to turn down next vid and get ear raped

  5. Ivett Pineda:

    thx you messed up my 7 days to die

  6. Joshiplier:

    Hey, I don’t have RemoteFX Graphics in my panel. Is it something I can download?

  7. David Benia:

    This is amazing! Thanks for dedicating your time into making this video, really helps a lot!

  8. YouCoolBro:

    Lol yes its clearly fake you just lowered the gfx from high to low and added these extra steps for nothing…

  9. Krzysztof Labuc:

    i cannot set sample interval to 60 and units to seconds at the same time, it keeps changing

  10. xXMartinDZx:

    my fps when from 35 to 50+ so it does work dk what other people done?

  11. guitarHero1885:

    thanks man great vid — helped me out and improved things a fair bit 🙂

  12. Sir Whaleadon:

    Just looking for Australian players that want to join me in a game of 7 Days to Die, All ages are fine just please be reasonable.

  13. Fuzz Bills:

    He just put the quality down

  14. Sir Whaleadon:

    Please make the audio higher before uploading or do a Reupload.

  15. Ivan Becerril P:

    Hi Deccypher, I would recommend you recording your audio appart from the video recording device, there’s one great software called «Audacity» which is free and really really good, BTW great video!!

  16. Justine Moineau:

    Thanks for this tips, i can finaly turn 7 day to die around 30-35 fps with my intel hd graphic 4000.

  17. Gaming Hamst3r:

    You reduced your graphics, it’s clearly visible

  18. TheNikitis:

    Just had to thank you. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I went from 54 fps to 20 no matter what settings I had on in A15.2. This bosted beyond what I got originally to 67 fps on my 980 GTX. Thanks a million!

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