Blackwake Review (Early Access Game)

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Review: Blackwake is an online first person naval PvP game that requires good communication and teamwork to succeed. The game is currently in alpha on Steam.
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Game: Blackwake
Developer: Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd
Publisher: Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd
Price: $19.99 USD

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  1. Azralynn:

    If you found my early access review helpful, please share it on social media and upvote it on Steam (It really helps a lot. Thanks!)

    • Azralynn:

      Thanks for the feedback! I backed up a couple inches in my most recent review (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands). I’d like to know what you think of that one. Sorry if this is a silly question, but what is «PR?» Thanks again!

    • jefflegos:

      Loved the video! But as a point of constructive criticism, when you record your voice, try backing off your microphone a little bit. That’ll help your PR by quite a large margin!

      You’ve earned my sub

  2. Gavin Morgan:

    it’s a good game and mackscorner does livestreams of this very fun game.

  3. ropisfun:

    Great review as always! 🙂
    I really gotta get this game. Looks like so much fun!

  4. Bumbling Brit:

    I adore this game, can’t wait for more content.

    I might point out, though, that you can’t swim to an enemy ship; the ropes to climb up the sides of vessels only appear on your own ship.

    • Azralynn:

      Weird. I wonder if it was a bug then because at one point I fell off my boat, and climbed aboard the enemy ship that was chasing my ship. I then proceeded to hide in the supply room and kill about 6 or so people before they all came after me. Haha

  5. Mr Objection:

    looks good

  6. Luka Zaj:

    Wow! Very good videos, you just earned a sub:D

  7. ZombieMIW:

    Woot was waiting for this one

  8. Mack Dickie:

    great review. thank you

  9. botindeldiablo:

    I played this before they et up the greenlight page and it seems they didnt improve too much.

    The game is a great idea but the combat lacks the punch you would like to see for a game of this type. For once I think Mount & Blade four directional combat would make the game better.

    • Azralynn:

      Ohh, a KOTH idea does sound like fun. The melee combat would need to be greatly improved first though. Thanks for the info 🙂

    • botindeldiablo:

      I think it would be more grounded in reality but a king of the hill mode set in a little island with a cargo of rum can be cool:

      Half of each team controls the ship while the rest duke it out in the island so they have to support each other to win the round.

      Also if you want a fantasy naval game check out Man O’ War: Corsair, is on EA too

    • Azralynn:

      Islands with housing, or loot to raid, that would be cool! Have it guarded by a Kraken or something crazy!

    • botindeldiablo:

      last year arround October

      And yeah is very repetitive, maybe some raids to towns or bigger ships with more players could make the game better.

    • Azralynn:

      How long ago was the Greenlight page you saw?

      My biggest concern is with it feeling repetitive — hopefully, the game will get the support it needs to improve further.

  10. Sean Moonshine:

    I’d love to see a GTA style pirate game . done right i presume it would be class

  11. FNL 4EVA:

    Great review and so close to how i felt. I hope they keep adding to it and the role playing people make it so much fun. To bad i do not find it more often.

    • FNL 4EVA:

      I bought it cause i seen so many twitch streams doing the RP thing it was so funny. I actually did the RP stuff when others was on the servers. It was the best time i had in this game when people do it and friendly. I was streaming for a friend and got into it a bit. You have to try it makes the game so shine and my main reason i was not upset buying the game. If you want to RP sometime i am down. 🙂 I am a noob at it but i loved when i did it. I love doing the pirate RP.

    • Azralynn:

      I didn’t come across any RPers. That would be fun though!

  12. K Lock:

    It sounds like you’re reading from a script.

    • Azralynn:

      Yes, I write a script. There’s no way I can get in all the info I’d like to in a timely manner without it. 🙂 Also, I then use it to turn it into my written reviews on my website and Steam.

  13. Dimitar Ivanovski:

    Nice one! I really enjoy the condesed, bite-sized format of your reviews. Also, most of these games would had flown under my radar, had I not seen them here. Keep it up : )

  14. Kilduffian LIVE:

    Hey, I just stumbled onto your channel. Your videos are great and down to the point which I love. Subscribed 🙂

  15. Glasson Spencer:

    Ty sm for doing a review on this

  16. 7dayspking:

    Sorry looked at another of your videos (Saw a pirate game.) Not sure what you expect to see when you hit someone with a sword. It’s easy enough to find a number of sparring or fighting videos (from safe Sabre sparring or medieval to deadly duels with machetes.) online, definitely look there for a point of reference. Swords tend to drag through (when sharp and used well.) or glide across soft and heavy targets like a human body. Unless striking really small targets like wrists or head you aren’t likely to really notice the collision you’re making with the sword visually. An 850 gram Sabre has no chance in throwing an 85 kg (85,000 gram.) full grown human in the way you seem to be expecting.

    As for developers, if they want a more realistic way of signalling a landed hit (without making swords do as they’re supposed to and actually cut through the target.) they need to implement some form of havok or simulation of havok…that makes a quick impression (groove in target) and a ripple or shockwave quickly expanding/deforming around the area hit (if you see some sparring in person or watch some sparring in 60 fps on youtube if you can’t this is really obvious.)

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