Best Base Build For 7 Days to Die — Feral Horde Defense (Alpha 14)

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Check out the original video if you're interested! (be warned, there are some differences)

Original Video:

In this video I showcase a base layout I've used since alpha 7, and perfected over time. This of course can be modified to suit your needs, whether you play by yourself or with friends! The materials are relatively easy to gather. You can always use tougher blocks if you have the resources. There is minimal monotonous labor involved, size can change, and you can decide what you want to do with the courtyard (if anything). The main building alone serves as an insanely tough fortress. In PvP servers this works well too, although you may opt to make the walls solid instead of using reinforced concrete poles which can be shot and seen through from outside.

In this video I have 23×36 walls, and the front of the inner building is 15 blocks wide and extends back 13. Remember, if you want to make a metal trussing overhang to make the top layer on the wall trussing as well! Attaching trussing to the side of a wood block will support a player's weight only 1 block away! The overhang should be high enough up off the ground that zombies can't hit it from below the outside of the wall. I would recommend digging up the area you plan to build the compound on and replacing the dirt/sand/pavement with wood blocks which will show damage if the zombies tunnel under you. Never EVER dig pits around your bases or else zombies will fall in and (literally) undermine you! It sucks.

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комментариев 47

  1. Jake Rose:

    At 29:26 anyone see that falling zombie?

  2. Forever A Legend:

    What are the dimensions of the walls on the outside?


    to bad its impossale to get zombies on creative mode

  4. xx gamerxx 256:

    what should I do when the blood moon is out it is all red.Red fog and red moon

  5. cesar Ochoa:

    im on day 22 and i have all the guns

  6. Justin Kline:

    The dogs in this game look so fucking stupid when they attack.

  7. cesar Ochoa:

    the revolver or rocket launcher are better

  8. 1pce:

    You should’ve run them all over with the minibike that would be slightly easy and awsome???

  9. !(gerMAN ^wolf)!:

    37:22. ragnar the red is confirmed

  10. MasterofAardvarks:

    holy cow that is some nice anisotropic filtering and high quality dynamic tessellation going on there… smooth n silkeh. high quality resuhlooshun

  11. Andries Pepler:

    RIP all those wasted bullets ?

  12. hammett hammett:

    I think u should put lights on the top

  13. Zach Savage:

    has anybody else had crawler zombies climb up your walls by spinning around

  14. SoLit CantQuit:

    one more thing chainsaw are super OP!! in this situation if he would have had a chance all he could have cut them down in seconds

  15. Joseph Delfin:

    He is dead

  16. Nathan Pierce:

    They really need to do something with the rotting flesh… idk if they have a recipe on PC for it or not, but it’s about as useless as the sammiches. At least on PC I know the sandwiches can be scrapped for moldy bread. Can’t even do that on console…

  17. cyber maze:

    15:00 durability*

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