Batman Begins Game Review (Gc/Ps2/Xbox)

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Batman Begins Game Review. Review #70. Check out my website —
Batman Begins starts off an entire month of Batman Reviews. So what do I think of this Batman movie game? Tune in to find out in part 1 of Batman Month. My Batman series 2 is summer 2012 to Hype up The Dark Knight Rises where Batman will face off against Bane!

BATMAN is next.

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комментариев 35

  1. Luke Kline:

    Wow! And only 10 more years until Arkham knight! Wait… how long is ten years again?

  2. WIz4rd Does YouTube:

    Ohh past kwing if only you knew about rocksteady back then

  3. NightwingX012:

    OMG 2008! I’m watching this in 2016. Anyone else?

  4. WcW_Sphk:

    wow….u sound different….did you get a new haircut

  5. Ronnie Gibboni:

    I feel like Rocksteady took a look at this game and drew a bunch of inspiration

  6. MattMan Reviews:

    I loved this game as a kid. Still one of my favorite games, and probably the game that I’ve beaten the mos times.

  7. jesus duran:

    Damnit, too many spoilers, but I’m stoked to buy the game. Saw a clean copy for $5 at my local thrift store

  8. sam adam Chalhoub:

    This game is awesome but I prefer batman vengeance and rise of sin tzu as the better lasts gen batman games

  9. Fox Gaming/Sp00pyD8282:

    Wow you sound ALOT different. You’ve been doing this for along time

  10. Tyler Hale:

    I like this game.

  11. martae mckinney:

    Lol I’m watching this in 2016

  12. Intelego:

    your review sucks like the game

  13. The !st Winner:

    I found this little rhyme in the Hatter’s scrapbook, thought I’d share:
    «(…)You look back at this game even today,
    — Confound it! You’re astounded —
    You can’t BELIEVE it was made by EA!(…)»

  14. Олег Васильев:

    Like this! My childhood! My first xbox

  15. martinbd4:

    I finished this game on my GameCube just last winter. It was an excelent experience. Great game overall!

  16. Robert Weber:

    LOL wow kwing you have come a long way man… sorry but this is to funny im kinda glad you dont do this sort of thing now i couldnt take your lore videos seriously if you did that voice

  17. Deborah Bader:

    Notice how his voice goes from a dark, brooding tone I t he beginning of the video and then goes to a normal voice at the end. LOL

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