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Axtasia — Let It Go
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комментариев 86

  1. Dink:

    you guys are the best music artist ever <3<3<3

  2. Bayern The best:

    Who’s here for Mr Crainer

  3. Chris Plays:

    Who’s here from crainers intro?

  4. MrToast:

    It’s weird hearing it without hearing «HELOOOO MY CRAZY FAMILY» or «HEY GUYS»

  5. PNoYxFlames:

    great… the third let it go
    secound: made monster
    first: frozen

  6. Aum Parmar:

    whos watching in 2017

  7. clarence lee:


    • Mathijs Verbeure:

      Mr. MooCow i know that it isnt the best song in the world, i just wanted to point out that you cant call a song or whatever it is the best of its kind without a rating system. I do not care about yes or mo this is the best one, so just say ok again and calm down. Just leave the song as it is, in other words good.

    • Mr. MooCow:

      clarence lee lol you are wrong. This will never be the best song ever. It’s good but there are many songs better. You have your opinion but it’s not the truth.


      Sell out

    • Mathijs Verbeure:

      Mr. MooCow you are wrong too: it is her ( ill assume) opinion, but the fact that it isnt the best song in the world as you say it is not true too, because it is your opinion. It is only possible to define the best song or whatever on a rating system that takes votes of people. Otherwise it is only the opinion of someone or a group

    • Mr. MooCow:

      Mathijs Verbeure Ok. Let’s compare the views of this song to let’s saaaaaaay Chop Suey by System of a Down. Which one would you say has more views and more likes. Plus, you know it yourself that this isn’t the «!!!BEST SONG IN THE WORLD!!!» so why are you even asking?

  8. Israel Anderson:

    Ninety9lives > Monstercat ANYDAY!

  9. So Cool Salamander SCS:

    So amazing I broke the replay button and smashed the like button with a sledge hammer

  10. Shanteh:

    Who came here because of crainer’s new intro!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  11. HoaNhiVi BangTam:

    This song helps me focus on my homework ?

  12. Wolfy Vlogs:

    0:30 begins Mr.Crainers intro

  13. Tnt gamez:

    *this song is kewl*

  14. Flamecrew9 At roblox:

    Good song

  15. Axtasia:

    Hey guys, glad to be back again! Hope you enjoy the track, had a blast working with MrCrainer to bring you this song, you can grab it for free in the description! See you soon… 😉 ~Cistrolat & Haven

    also Disney and Made Monster pls don’t sue <3

  16. Coolboy9012:


  17. Johnie Capry:

    this is what happen when elsa listen ncs too much

  18. Herobrine:

    I made it go to 10,000 likes!!!!! OMGGGGGGG

  19. Jakoba GAMER:

    no its from ssundee»s channel

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