ALPHA 16 Trader Traitor | 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Let’s Play Gameplay PC | E06

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7 Days To Die Gameplay Alpha 16 Let's Play Walkthrough
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комментария 32

  1. Games4Kickz:

    This video was recorded Saturday Morning and at the time Alpha 16 experimental was NOT out 🙂 However, it is out now. Go to your game, right click, select properties and opt in through the beta tab by selecting the experimental unstable option if you want to try it.
    Patch Notes ►

    • Juicy Man:

      Yeah I didn’t see that video at the time.:)

    • Games4Kickz:

      Juicy Man i saw kages video and talked about exactly that in my next episode ☺

    • Adam Salazar:

      Games4Kickz great stuff, I’m pretty new to the channel a few months now, and I’ve been watching Skippy for a year plus now. you guys are entertaining with killer content. i started on the ps4 and now recently im back on pc. keep it man, as I said earlier great stuff and laughs.

    • Juicy Man:

      Kickz when you start making your base it will be better to start with flagstone and then upgrade the flagstone to cobblestone. Kage was testing this in an earlier video, and he found out that you use an equal amount of cobblestone whether you’re using cobblestone frames or upgrading flagstone. You do not use any wood when upgrading from flagstone though. Given that wood is harder to come by early in the game. . .

    • ND32101:

      Games4Kickz Hey Kicks, do you think that the Pimps should add in a wider variety of guns? Maybe more attachments or modifications? Just wondering.

  2. Conrad Taylor:

    You really should definitely have over 500k subs

  3. chronoss chiron:

    tried alpha 16 cant play it, mouses issues cant get resolved

    gone back to 15

    • chronoss chiron:

      COOLIOZ i saw in this vid i hadn’t watched it all , kickz flashes his settings and if you emulate them you get a sweet mouse setting a few more tweaks and even this ol crappy GT620 with 2gb ram works sweeeeet

    • chronoss chiron:

      ill check that out later … gona give 16 a try again i think they just need a few updates for optimizing a bit

      ive said i had 15 on near max setting no issues this one i cant do anywhere near that..i had it semi ok at one point but changed crap by accident

    • Lord Douche:

      if you really did go back to alpha 15 i recommend using war of the walkers mod 🙂

    • chronoss chiron:

      btw everyone YOU CAN TRY ALPHA 16!/page3

    • Play The Game:

      i also had issues but I got used to it.

  4. SuperCatlpsy:

    are you able to make a ton of worlds and load on e that you made in beta?

  5. Attila Tímár:

    Why sell the flashlight? Mining helmets are craftable…

  6. UnOrgMilitia:

    I am playing Alpha 16 right now!

  7. Cryptek WolfUK:

    I love the way this game is developing.

  8. William Backer:

    you can stealth attack with bow in dark with no lights

  9. David Evans:

    Why you sound like Ricktoven from COD zombies at times, you German?

  10. Arpeggio:

    Hey G4K, I think this Alpha will make the vendor more useful. Previous Alpha was only good if he had auger items or machetes. Looking forward to this aspect

  11. Mike Schmidt:

    Lol Game4Kickz watch out for that zombie cactus

  12. Feycat:

    Kickz — Miner69er perks affects how much material you get from iron tools, both the axe and pickaxe. Bad Repairman affects how much material you get using a stone axe. So if you don’t have perks, the difference is small but once you invest in Miner69er you get a lot more from harvesting tools than from the stone axe.

    • Games4Kickz:

      Feycat Thank you. The guys on last night’s stream made me aware of bad mechanic as well. it’s nice though at a low level 50 stone axe the difference is very small ? Seems most of those perks make more difference later on in the game.

  13. xI uk 0W7V3R Ix:

    out of personnel experience as i have it both on xbox 1 and pc that the xbox version runs horrible the last time i played it (my friend bought it for me on pc when it was on sale on steam xD) The hit detection was shockingly bad were you’d be like 10ft away and the zombie would still manage to hit you were as you wouldn’t be able to hit them. other then that and abit of framerate issues it was fine. so it is possible that this person was talking about the console version although a16 aint out on it ofc

    • xI uk 0W7V3R Ix:

      Alice Jayne once i got used to ir wasnt too bad but had to be sorted. also i havent pkayed for wuote sometime so they couldve improved it since then

    • Alice Keable:

      I’ve heard a lot of people say that about the hit detection on console, I have it on PS4 and it’s not too bad. They are bringing out a big update to the console on Tuesday! 😀

  14. Tom Mattingly:

    how much coffee do you drink haha

  15. Acer Fid:

    Hey kickz, what accent do you have?

  16. Anthony T:

    Can I just say it’s the little things! The fact that they went and put the dust particles when using the flashlight!!!

  17. Freaky P:

    I just cannot get over how nice the graphics are.
    Great video as always. 🙂

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