ALPHA 16 The Right Spot For My Base | 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Let’s Play Gameplay PC | E08

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7 Days To Die Gameplay Alpha 16 Let's Play Walkthrough
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комментария 32

  1. khalid mamay:

    good work keep it up

  2. Storm Gaming:

    They should make a update to tame the wolves (or dogs/whatever they are) so you can have a pet to help you kill

  3. Ndu Mustika:

    raise your bad mechanic dude for more resources

  4. Faffy Waffle:

    Kickz: «Yes, I think I’ll set up my base right here.»
    TFP: «Nope.»

  5. Danie van der Westhuizen:

    Just imagine how the poor wolf must feel for getting spawn killed

  6. Mick Dundee:

    I just touched your like button on the ballsies! ?

  7. Brian Alvarado:

    Don’t mean to be rude but it’s not the hitbox from the dogs, you were just swinging way too early and missing. They don’t need work they’re completely fine.

    • Stag:

      Well yes, that aspect doesn’t need work I agree. But other aspect of the wolves do. Sometimes they play an attack animation on you and you take no damage. Also the new stealth system seems a but OP, like how you just sit there lobbing arrows at the wolf and no F’s are given.

    • Logical Snorlax:

      Brian Alvarado just blame the game and pretend you are a master ace gamer

  8. James Bailey:

    Dogs will eat your balls… or your face… whichever they find tastier… haha

  9. omar matteotti:

    Could you make wolf into a pet by feeding

  10. Happy2Game:

    You make me laugh Kickz 😀 love the content, love you voice! <3

  11. Ben Schwarz:

    is he pronouncing machete that way as a joke or does he say it that way?.

  12. deathcake1:

    Hey Kickz, as you already are going to carve a base in the mountain, I had an idea of how to make it somewhat horde prof. Though the idea revolve around of having a two layered entrance, where the upper level are for transport in and out, where you have a drawbridge at the end to open access to the lower level. The lower level then in turn are a tunnel, where the bottom are covered in spikes, and the sides can be the pole defense, or iron bars, and then have turrets shoot through the sides of the tunnel. At the end of the lower level, there should be a door in order to attract zombies to the end of the tunnel.
    For convince I saw that motion sensors have been added, if it could be used for lowering and closing the drawbridge, you would have an automated entrance. If the description are confusing, I will try to make a model below:
    _______________________________________| overhead mountain
    _ ___________________________________| access to the main base
    | door
    And the gap in front is intentional, as the opened drawbridge gain access to the lower level.

    • deathcake1:

      the format is a little wrong as the door on the lower level should be at the end of the spike path, that’s what one get from using word to spellcheck.

  13. SuperCatlpsy:

    «just don’t jump down hill you will brake all your legs laterally all of them»………………………..

    how many legs do i have?!

  14. Kellen Anthoney:

    13:34 best part of this video.

  15. Regalya:

    Alpha 16 sucks ligts need battery now which loses dura as you use them that fkin sucks..

  16. D3al3r Gameplay:

    Zombie bodies still give animal fat.

  17. João Almeida:

    An Alpha where we can pet the dogs and they help us, too far away yet

  18. Adam Bauckham:

    (13:33) damn that car had some explosive diarrhoea xD

  19. applemaggot:

    George Carlin on dogs going for your balls

  20. SvenicusGermainus:

    Man I wish patch would release already. My wife and I are so ready to start playing again.

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