ALPHA 16 Pointy | 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Let’s Play Gameplay PC | E22

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7 Days To Die Gameplay Alpha 16 Let's Play Walkthrough
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Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod (
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комментариев 38

  1. Y'all Ain't Right:

    I have had an apocalyptically bad day today. I haven’t watched the video, yet but I appreciate so much that this was waiting for me when I had a chance to catch a breather. Thank you Kickz. I really appreciate it.

  2. Jason Kinney:

    When you are using a compound bow in reality, your «pins» are generally setup with 20, 30, and 40 yard distances. when you gauge distance, use the top pin for anything within 20 yards. Of course, this is a game. So setup a small shooting range to test your accuracy and get adjusted to distance.

  3. Pamela Goodman:

    My favorite moment..when the spike was placed wrong and the look into the camera followed by an «aaughhh!» LOL

  4. Per Arne Strand:

    Hey G4K just sugestion make a mp game to invite your friends to play. And make it a youtube video. same as Gamezforkicks, but he only invite patreon donators to play, maybe you should do the same but sorry I can not participate, here we live on 2 us dollar a day food, electricity and internet lol. internet from extra work from regular work ( I am raising Doberman dogs pure breed) so I am doing my extras money from other way like dogs pigs and so on. so I can payu my internet.dont get folled bu my profile picture it is kind of not correckt and also correckt . basicly I am Norwegian, but emigrate to a poor Asian contry for my love of my life. but seriously if you want to make a server I would love to join your game but I am not a horder I am gatherer and builder .

  5. deathshocker77:

    kickz why not just use half blocks ? 1 half block does the same thing and it is same height of other blocked next to it and you don’t dmg yourself when walking over the blocks. since 119b patch i had to start over and i am on morning of day 6 and going to start building small base for horde and i can link you pictures of what it look like with that style your building, but for me i do everything up top and will not have side gaps for looting,

  6. Kellen Anthoney:

    «congo congo congo, you are very stupid… WHOA!!!»

  7. Alex R:

    Hey kickz isnt there a desert behind you over that hill?

  8. Ed Farrell:

    hahahahaha the moment when the spike got placed in midair, your face hahahahaha

  9. Viswanth Konda:

    How about some support for the cave ur digging

  10. daniel schooley:

    base is looking good man keep it up

  11. WhiteObamaPlayz:

    does anyone know the purpose of the upside down spikes? I must have missed him explaining ig

  12. Kristoffer Norman:

    IF i was u i would Put blade traps on the roof.

  13. Animated Spoon:

    How are you in Alpha 16, I’m in the live patch and it’s only alpha 15.2 🙁

  14. Jeffrey Levin:

    got my t-shirts today — No touches and Infectinated. Both are awesome!!!!!

  15. TobyMUFC:

    I spit my cereal everywhere when you starting changing «conga conga CONGA!» Thanks now I have weetabix on my phone??

  16. Żaneta Grabska:

    Your curtain look like a scrap iron from 7DTD lol

  17. NicNacYaDig:

    How come my health bar and stamina bar looks different then yours?

  18. Brian Pierce:

    Merch looks great Kickz!!

  19. Francis Ducharme:

    It’s cool you do building videos in A16, I still don’t want to invest in building yet because of the experimental patches coming out pretty fast.

  20. Dark Western:

    What is his native language?

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