ALPHA 16 Night Vision Ninja | 7 Days To Die Alpha 16 Let’s Play Gameplay PC | E11

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7 Days To Die Gameplay Alpha 16 Let's Play Walkthrough
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комментарий 31

  1. Valentin H.:

    Do you have some kind of sound absorber on your walls or is it just the pattern of the wallpaper?

  2. NorthernMonkey:

    At least the night vison goggles are half decent now

  3. Black Lable:

    i thought my windows asking me to restart so i click then the video paused 🙁

  4. chronoss chiron:

    whats the seed for this and location of this area hes looting?

  5. Fremontcivic:

    other youtubers are complaining about the hit boxes as well

  6. Jeff Rogers:

    I love these videos and hate waiting for the next one to come out LOL!!!!

  7. Mikkel Steen Nielsen:

    Hey Kickz 😀
    I have heard that they have made some of the buildings as small obstacle lanes. With hidden traps and floors that can fall down.
    Looking forward to seeing you fight your way through 😀

  8. Cameron Brown:

    GC err = Garbage Collection error, probably

  9. Shrouded Mist:

    Watching this with the sleepers is giving me so much anxiety omg

  10. Groundstain:

    looting videos are great, don’t stop.

  11. Kellen Anthoney:

    BLUEBERRIES!!! I love how you get so excited about everything.

  12. KuulKuum:
    ah! oh! My Holy Ballz….

  13. Margaret Black:

    Stupid Windows 10 doesn’t care about anything. =))))

  14. Michael Farrell:

    Cars have always gave mechanical parts, they just used to be more rare from cars

  15. Mark Deriposun:

    Kickz, will you also make a lets play on b115 the latest patch of 7DTD where they added wild boars in. It got harder to gather woods in the latest patch ?

  16. Arpeggio:

    Hey G4K, It’s quite amusing that when you crouch and hit things that the sound drops…obviously the axe goes into stealth mode too. Great videos, keep em coming

  17. Screwy Girl:

    The screamer is attracted to light….is the spotlight on?

  18. Reinis Andžans:

    Hey there . You should realy build your base in that lighthouse 🙂 kickinbalzzzzzzz

  19. Sylanna Maxwell:

    They made the hitboxes more accurate with the entities.

  20. Felipe Siqueira:

    make sure you are taking apart the TVs with the wrench… it will give you electrical components which you will need for your electric traps…

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