A New Faster Battle Royale — Warface BR

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комментария 63

  1. Amanda Cauthen:

    8minute games and atleast 25 would be better

  2. Jomena:

    Actually played this few times every now and then. Pretty ok game when you get the hang of mechanics (slide shooting mostly). Nice to see that this also added BR mode, gotta d/l it and check it again. This smaller and faster BR seems like a good time killer.

  3. Lurking:

    Dude, I can’t wait for Tetris Battle Royale.

  4. Based God:

    hey bro wats ur warface name…i wanna join u on warface

  5. Not Promise:

    Lol. I’ve been playing this game since launch. Stoped playing it though because devs only use the game for money.

  6. Hardcore Gamers:

    Show me your War Face

  7. FafnirUA:

    god pls no….

  8. Jayvon Webb:

    I miss Warface on the xbox 360 ( April/May 2014 — February 2015)

  9. hello there:

    In before battlefield milks this mode too

  10. MONEYSHOT 77:

    This map kinda reminds me of the map «Dust Bowl» in Battlefield: Hardline.

  11. Wojciech Bober:

    A fun contrast to PUBG’s exhausting long games

  12. Ratselttab:

    This is a mobile game ? ;P

  13. Stagnight!:

    Hit markers are way too small.

  14. Cosmic D:

    cod meets battle royal actually looks pretty fun

  15. Duane Lieberman:

    Pubg: «Due to our threats towards Fortnight, no one will dare make games or game modes of the genre that we didn’t invent but claim that we are the only ones allowed to make games in this category»

    Warface: «Hold my beer»

  16. Nick87F:

    What Bluehole did with PUBG for Battle Royale games is kind of like what Blizzard did with World of Warcraft for MMO’s.

    They took a pre-existing concept that was good in theory and actually developed it well. No one ever said they were first.

    • Kosmos:

      they still haven’t done that.

    • John Mark:

      ba ba ba ba raca pubg runs like garbage. I have a gtx 1080 16bg ram can run any game on max. Not playing that garbage until it runs smokthr

    • Mozzy4Ever:

      You really showed how little you know about computers and the two developers when you typed that «sentence».

      1) «Fortnite is better» Good job with a personal opinion, means almost nothing.
      2) «Fortnite is free» Free =/= Better. It’s nice, sure. But typically there’s a reason why a game is free.
      3) «Made by devs who actually know how to develop a game that doesn’t run on at 30 fps on top end PCs» I have a pretty good computer, but not «top end» and I’m typically at 90-100+ FPS in PUBG and even higher on the test server (which has better optimized coding plus vaulting and more). My FPS only dips down when I’m in poorly optimized areas like Yasnaya. Fortnite has also been in development for FIVE MORE YEARS compared to PUBG (Fortnite development started in 2011, PUBG development started in 2016). Fortnite has Epic Games as a co-developer, who is the fucking creator of the engine that both Fortnite and PUBG run on.
      4) «Fortnite is only 2 months old» Sure, but it also has been in development for much longer
      5) «has 20 mil accounts» Yea that’s across 3 seperate platforms, and is free while PUBG is only PC right now and costs money. It’s concurrent users is also much lower compared to PUBG. Congrats, lots of people have made an account on a free game and played a match or two.. but their concurrent players shows that a hilarious amount don’t come back

  17. Tokei:

    so many idiots who dont know their BR history in the comments SMH

  18. tyler cronley:

    I played this game before it was a battle royale it was pretty fun and team based

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