8 Minutes of Need for Speed Payback Heist Gameplay — E3 2017

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Crashing into your enemies and hijacking a supercar in Need for Speed Payback.

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комментария 92

  1. OldSchoolHipHopHD:

    So… basically Fast and Furious the movie: The game?…

  2. Illest Visionz:

    Why do you guys always pick the worst driver in the office?

  3. Nicanor Roebuck:

    dis dude worse at driving than Spongebob Squarepants

  4. Mustafa Gençoğlu:

    I want truck dlc. because it’s very fast

  5. Undead Angel:

    this was painful to watch

  6. A1 Savage:

    Are they using the controller with their feet?

  7. swag tastic:

    whoever was playing is garbage

  8. IISuperboyII:

    Does this Mustang is made in China?
    Bcz truck is faster …..

  9. Ultimate Amil:

    We already saw that who cares ? Thought it was new …

  10. RifRex:

    can we ride her?

  11. Filipe Rodrigues:

    that truck driver must be a beast going almost 120 without even rolling the truck over while turning xD

  12. BradHeas:

    Thanks for showing, my pre-order has be canceled. The fact that that truck was going that speed is just stupid.

  13. odrxC:

    Can’t wait to get this game!

  14. SagnolTheGangster:

    I always hated every nfs that had takedowns….

    • Zephyr:

      Knife Guy Gamer, like when you want to push a boss from a canyon? Yeah, right

    • david dmonte:

      SagnolTheGangster you noob

    • patrick renzel:


    • Knife Guy Gamer:

      Let me tell you why mw and carbon were better for people like me. In those, you had full control and it was gamey. As in, the cars you hit didn’t react in a pre determined cinematic way. They always reacted where u hit them and at what speed. So that seems more natural and you felt like you were responsible for that happening. This, you see cut scenes of cars flying away. It’s cool for the first few times then you realize the physics just is weird and unnatural. Imagine gta. U go punch a guy on the street, he falls. Imagine Press X to punch a guy in Cod. You ll know what I’m saying.

  15. Mcluchinfly:

    And you are going to tell me a 16 wheeler can accelerate like a mustang and achieve max velocity in the same time? REALLY?

    • Speedsonic75 OddTristan12123:

      IAmDennyP Ah… I get it. Need For Speed Carbon OC version the street vehicles are the fastest in the game. They are even the fastest in need for speed world. Though I think you can also play as them on the OS2 version if you find certain files.

    • IAmDennyP:

      You ever play carbon?

    • Diarmuid Mikhailu:

      You are thinking about that logic?? How about this… «You must take out those reinforcements!»… Yeah sure, let me ram them with my widebody mustang GT…

  16. Goku Norris:

    8 minutes of I Need my Moneyback Preorder Cancelled Addition

  17. Hugo Auditore:

    »pull up here» 1:50 HAHAHAHAHAHAA

  18. President Clint:

    shittest driver, ever, 10/10 — IGA

  19. Tony Stark:

    Who’s hyped for this game

  20. Static AK:

    I gave up on need for speed games long ago. underground 2 was the last best for me.

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